New Imagery From Forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are Film

MSN Movies has some fantastic new imagery from Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the seminal children’s book by Maurice Sendak.  Mostly production stills, but included is this new one-sheet:


Having only seen this film’s trailer with the sound off prior to today I’ll admit that this seemed much darker without the Arcade Fire backing music and minimal dialogue. Whatevs.  I can say that I did marvel at it with an awe that produced a little mist in the JMan’s eyes.  I normally find the use of a title card “From the beloved book” so hackneyed and corny, but its inclusion here is exceptionally justified.  I love Sendak’s book, and have very fond memories of checking it out of my grammar school’s library every few weeks (dig that acetate cover!) well past the age I should have outgrown it.

All I can say is:


October 16th can’t come soon enough.

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