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Everyone can’t seem to get enough of this Guy Richie/Lobo news. I’m just bored with it, to be honest.  Regardless, its probably about that time that we finally start reviewing some comics. Mr. Ayers recommended the top pick of the week with Strange Tales #1, I must concur, but there are some other good ones coming up. So, this week, here is my stash.

Sweet Tooth #1Sweet Tooth #1.  This Island of Dr. Moreau meets Y: The Last Man has got some potential for yet another post-apocalyptic book that loves borrowing from The Road. While this was a kind of weird, sad mysterious book, I was only marginally interested in the book.  In this sense, (SPOILERS) the moment where main character Gus’s dad passes away I almost lost it.  I don’t know, I’m a softie, and in my increasingly older state I’m thinking alot about my parents so that moment just pulled on the good old (nearly dead) heart strings. In the end, this has alot to do in the next two issues in order to keep me going with it, but its worth the ONE DOLLAR price of admission. So there really is no reason for you to not give this a shot.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2. I say this all the time: Brian Bendis will likely end up being the best Spider-Man writer ever. The reason why this is? That one page with Peter and Gwen on the roof top during lunch. Sure, Bendis gets a lot of flack for writing for the trade,  sure you can miss an entire arc and not feel like you missed out on something HUGE, but if you dropped the book for those reasons you’d be wrong.  Its not about those things, because for me what I feel its always been about for Bendis is the book is about these kids. He LOVES these characters. You can just tell, and that’s why I continue to go back.  Oh, and? David Lafuente was born to draw Spider-Man.

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