A WALL-E Comic? Sign me up.


More WALL-E goodness is good for everyone.  The Oscar winning animated movie had to be one of the most beautiful movies across the board in years, and likely will continue to be.  (Sorry, Jim Cameron, I simply do not have any faith that Avatar will be able to challenge WALL-E in visual beauty, as well as characters that people can relate to and adore).

Boom! Studios is bringing this Pixar property to you, and from what I understand their Incredibles book is pretty awesome too.  J. Torres is writing it with art by Morgan Luthi.  Good guy, Shaun Manning (who is now a dad! Congrats dude!) of Comic Book Resources spoke to Torres about the book:

The new series will take place before the events seen in “WALL-E.” CBR News caught up with Torres to discuss the new comic.

Pixar’s “WALL-E” began on an inhospitable Earth, where even the robots assigned to clean up the ecologically devasted planet have ceased to function. One WALL-E model robot survives, though, carrying out his duties in his own idiosyncratic fashion, with only a friendly cockroach to keep him company. Eventually, circumstances lead the robot to meet a more advanced droid named EVE and venture to a spaceship where the last human survivors dwell lazily.

One notable feature of “WALL-E” was that it was largely without dialogue, as the two main characters communicated using only a select few words, including their names. “‘WALL-E’ is a very visual comic, much like the first act of the movie in which there’s very little ‘dialogue,'” Torres told CBR. “So, think of comics like ‘Gon’ or ‘Owly’ or ‘Actions Speak’ by Sergio Aragones. Although, I do use more sound effects. The sound design in the movie was terrific and I actually love using sound effects, especially in comics aimed at kids. Makes them fun to read out loud.”

WALL-E also had some of the smartest political commentary in cinema, how that is going to translate to this book will be extremely interesting to see. Torres tackles that aspect as well:

The thing is, the creators of ‘WALL-E’ have said that they didn’t really plan on making any political statements with the film. It apparently all started with the simple concept of ‘the last robot on earth,'” Torres explained. “They decided he would be a trash compacting robot and it went from there. I’m not saying there isn’t a message there, one that’s become more and more relevant since they started developing ‘WALL-E,’ but the lesson is really more about the character’s arc and growth, you know what I mean? It’s the same in the comic book. Despite the title ‘Trash Planet,’ it’s more of a coming-of-age story for WALL-E than a morality play about the environment. But I do drive a hybrid and use reusable shopping bags and bins!”

Though one thing I must mention now with Disney’s deal with Marvel and Disney owns Pixar, I hope that Boom! does not get the shaft, as they have been producing some wonderful adaptations of Pixar properties.

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