According to the Cantonese, the Marvel and Disney deal is doomed.

Mary HK Choi writing for The Awl detailed how Disney’s bid for Marvel Comics is doomed. DOOMED!

In the wake of the Summer of Death and the colossally major news that Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion (a number that means “death” in Cantonese and is therefore avoided at all costs—not in enumerations of 4, obvs—in addresses, car license plates, cell phone numbers, etc., and, cue ominous, chongy music) and because Mr. Nasir “Nas” Jones says that sleep is the cousin of death, we must report the (in some circles, equally) important news that the soporific in Nyquil (doxylamine succinate) is found in much higher doses elsewhere. Namely Unisom (25 mg per pill vs. 6.25 mg in a 15 ml dose).

Its an interesting point, but the post is meandering, and I kind of lost the point when it starts talking about NyQuil.

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