Batman Beyond miniseries announced.

Batman Beyond

Last week, Dan DiDio announced at Newsarama that the classic epilogue to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s Batman The Animated Series would return to DC in a miniseries.

11. darknight11 asked:
you said Terry McGinnis will back in the DCU; will he have his own mini series?

DiDio: There will be a Terry McGinnis mini-series early next year. We’ve heard the fans, we’ve heard everyone’s interest. And right now we’re planning to put out a Batman Beyond mini-series in 2010.

Sweet.  I’ve always loved the original series, in all the multiple reality futures of what happens to Bruce Wayne/Batman, Batman Beyond always seemed the most natural. And yes, that also means the current path they are taking. I’m wondering whether this will have anything to do with what’s currently going on in Batman.

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