Superman coming to “Chuck.”

Brandon Routh is joining Chuck, according to Michael Ausiello of EW.

Routh’s character, Shaw, is a mysterious new spy who takes control as the new leader of Operation Bartwoski, becoming a mentor to Chuck and a rival in his affections for Sarah. He first appears in this season’s fourth episode.

Bottom line: Who better to teach Chuck how to use his powers that the Man of Steel himself?!

Memo to NBC: Please don’t make us wait until March for Chuck!

Soon enough, we’re going to have to stop referring to him as Superman, because not only is he playing Dylan Dog but he’s getting around to a couple of other roles.  I was one of the few people to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno and the scene between Routh, Justin Long and Seth Rogen had to be the funniest bits in the entire movie. I also think that movie is Kevin Smith doing Judd Apatow but really funny, since you all asked.  Regardless, I expect Routh to do an excellent job, and considering Chuck is one of the most fun shows on television, I’m even more fired up for the new season. Which may start in March, according to Ausiello, and I say BOO to that.

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