View from Inside of the new TARDIS.

Matt Smith outside the new TARDIS

Since I’m such a fanboy, something grabbed my attention today during my morning reading of the ole blogosphere. has a rumor of what the newly redesigned interior of Matt Smith’s TARDIS will likely look like:

A poster at Gallifrey Base claims to have gotten a good look inside the new TARDIS set, which we’ll see in 2010. Supposedly, the interior of the TARDIS will have two different levels, joined by a spiral staircase, and we’ll be seeing a console room, a lab area, a sitting room, a long corridor, and “numerous other little nooks and crannies.” The set is designed to be modular, so that pieces of the set can be moved around and double as other parts of the ship, when we visit other rooms inside the TARDIS.

The console room itself is a shaped like a hexagon attached to a square rather than being circular, the color theme is mostly silver and gold, and the coral finish has been replaced with marble. The roundels decorating the walls are now inverted hemispheres, and while they appear throughout the set, they do not appear on every wall. The roundels have different color schemes for each room: gold in the console room, silver, gray, and blue in the lab, and brown in the sitting room.

You should, of course, take this with several truckloads of grains of salt. [Gallifrey Base, Thanks Bluehinter!]

I really like this design sense that you can descend into the other rooms. This description kind of gives me this idea that the interior is a bottomless pit, all one room.  Where you climb stairs throughout the whole thing to get to the other rooms.  That was always one of my biggest problems with the series that even though the TARDIS is supposed to be infinitely bigger on the inside than it is outside we almost never ever went past the control room.  The best it ever looked was during that TV Movie, where the thing actually looked lived in:


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