REVIEW: Spider-Woman, Agent of S.W.O.R.D Motion Comic.

Spider-Woman by Alex Maleev

Marvel’s first motion comic arrived earlier this week, and I just viewed it.  Written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev this stripped down if not disconcerting 10 minute static animation was enjoyable, but weird to look at.

We follow Jessica Drew, recovering from post-Skrull Invasion and has been contracted by Agent Brand of S.W.O.R.D. to hunt down the remaining Skrulls on Earth and deep six ’em. This is the key sequence in the motion comic that was disconcerting and actually kind of gave me motion sickness, but I attribute that more to last night than the viewing itself.  During Jessica’s discussion with Brand on a London double decker bus, the bus moves and you can see traffic going by outside, their fancy schmancy iPhones do all the things an iPhone does, but the characters talk and their lips are not moving.  See what I’m saying? Disconcerting.  The entire thing is like that.

However, that does not make this a bad thing at all, actually I really really enjoyed it.  Alex Maleev’s restrained paintings bring life to this exceptionally dark piece of animation, and Bendis restrains himself from the wordy chatter he’s known for, but still retains the attitude that is Jessica Drew.  However, I am with Graeme McMillan over at, that I would rather read it than watch it. However, for .99 cents its cheaper than buying the comic, so really, its worth downloading.

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