Today in “What Does This Remind You Of?”

For your consideration:


Brian Austin Green as Metallo on Smallville.


Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2.

Heh.  Well, this is awkward.  No, not that the fact that the former 90210 alum is sticking close to something that he previously did on Sarah Conner Chronicles BUT the fact that he looks so much like the new design for Whiplash.  I guess it would be tough for him not to look like that.

I have to say I applaud Smallville.  The first couple of seasons were really stagnant, boring, and like watching a broken record season after season. However, that changed quite significantly after they killed off Jonathan Kent and to say the least, the show has become its own thing.  Its not afraid to do something different with the Superman mythology and has continually broken expectations towards what “should” happen in the mythos of the character.

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