elirothsigningadEli Roth, Inglourious Basterds star and writer/director of the Hostel movies gave us a moment to talk to him during Monday’s signing.  We discussed the obvious topic of working with Quentin Tarantino, his next film project and his thoughts on comic books.

On working with the exuberant Tarantino, Roth said its been a different experience every time.  “On Hostel, Quentin was just there just guiding me, even on Grindhouse I just came in for a week and shot my trailer on my own. This is first time that we actually worked together, day after day after day. I gave it everything I had I wanted to be that dream actor that was always there for him, and in character, I stayed over there over Christmas and New Years. Everyone else went home and I didn’t want to leave, I felt like we were on this mission, and I didn’t want to leave until it was done.”

The much rumored latest project of Roth’s is his Endangered Species script, which he hopes will be able to finish writing very soon. He’s been notably quiet about it and he was no different with me regarding the sci-fi epic,  “I haven’t been able to tackle anything else,” Roth said. “I’m finishing up the script hopefully soon.” On locations, Roth said they are working that out now.

Having been in a comic book store, I simply couldn’t resist to ask if he ever has any thoughts to work in comics. Having gone to the Tisch School of Film at NYU, Roth mentioned throughout Monday’s signing how he’d frequent Forbidden Planet constantly.

“Comics for me has always been one of those side projects, that I never can fully do. I’ve been so busy with the movie stuff, and that’s my primary interest. I have a few more movies I want to crank out and if I do comics, I’d have to take a break for a couple of years from movies and dive right into it, because I don’t think I could do both at once.  If I do a comic, I’m going to have to really really read what’s out there, and make it great.”

We’re looking forward to seeing Roth’s portrayal of Donny Donowitz beating some Nazi skull in with a Louisville Slugger, and further news on Endangered Species.

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