Playboy previews Vertigo Crime Comics out this week.


With books like “Criminal” and Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of a Richard Stark novel, and Jason Aaron’s “Scalped” Vertigo Comics is starting to produce their own crime line of comics. Announced at SDCC, the Crime Line will feature works from Ian Rankin, Brian Azzarello,and  Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. Playboy has an online feature previewing the first two books coming out this week.

Azzarello’s book “Filthy Rich” is described by Vertigo:

Richard “Junk” Junkin has always lived on the wrong side of trouble. A former pro football star whose career was cut short by injury (and a nasty gambling problem), Junk now spends his time dreaming of what might have been, selling cars in Jersey and lusting after the boss’s unbelievably spoiled, unbelievably sexy and unbelievably rich daughter, Victoria. So when the boss asks him to be Victoria’s personal bodyguard while she tears up the New York City club scene, Junk leaps at the chance. But before long, he’s finds that Victoria wants a lapdog and not a chaperone, someone who’s going to do all of her dirty work—all of it—someone who wants to get filthy rich…

I’ve read a preview of this book.  It has this glorious “Sin City” like lighting to it and Azzarello’s acid-tipped tongue that became a morsel of delicious nasty language in “100 Bullets” will put this book on the top of my list.

Ian Rankin, best selling crime novelist has a Crime Line book starring Vertigo’s longest running character, John Constantine, in “Dark Entries”.

Occult detective John Constantine has seen his share of strange things in his career, but nothing could prepare him for the horrors of…reality television. “Haunted Mansion” is currently the hottest show on tv, but when the macabre house actually starts attacking the contestants, Constantine is hired to be the ultimate mole. Locked inside with a cast of wannabe-celebrities, his every move being monitored by a deadly figure from his past, Constantine must figure out who (or what) is pulling the strings before he gets cancelled—permanently.

I don’t know, I’d like to see something other than Constantine thrown into a House on Haunted Hill scenario for a reality television program.  I guess if there was some cool satire going on with the stars of this Reality TV program being takes on programs like Jon and Kate Plus Eight, or some of those vapid losers from NYC Prep getting killed gruesomely than I think I’d check it out.

Both books come out this Wednesday, August 19.

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