Go Look: Amanda Palmer Signing @ FPI Edinburgh

Joe Gordon, he of the fantastic Forbidden Planet International Blog, has photos and video up this morning from the Edinburgh store’s signing with Amanda Palmer.  You might remember Amanda from such books as, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, a collaborative photo book featuring Neil Gaiman and a host of other talented folks.

We had a great turnout for Amanda Palmer’s visit to the Edinburgh FPI store. Edinburgh right now is in its annual Festival mode — basically the biggest arts festival in the world is running here and if you’ve never experienced it you’d struggle to imagine how insanely busy it is here right now. Its mad, its crowded but there’s a great buzz on the streets and yesterday we added to the crowds and the energy with a great line of folks waiting in the sun to come in and see Amanda, who entertained us all with a suitably sc-fi-themed song on her ukulele to kick off proceedings.

And because you kids like the pretty moving pictures:

There’s also some more photos from the well-attended event here at FPI’s Flickr page.

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