Azzarello talks Doc Savage.


With comics version of “The Wire” sadly over in the form of “100 Bullets”,  Brian Azzarello has been keeping busy. With a weekly installment of Batman comics in Wednesday Comics, and coming out this week an installment to Vertigo’s Crime Line, titled “Filthy Rich”.

Coming in November he’s going to re-introduce Doc Savage to comics.

Doc Savage was originally created in 1933 by Street and Smith Publications editors Henry Ralston, John Nanovic and Lester Dent.  They published 181 issues of “Doc Savage” magazine from 1933 to 1949.  Dent, the original writer, said the character was a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan and Abe Lincoln.

Azzarello’s restart will open as a One-Shot coming in November with Phil Noto on art, and co-star Batman. Following that it will continue into a mini-series, drawn by Rags Morales.

Azzarello gives Comic Book Resources a look into his reimagination :

Will the “Batman/Doc Savage” one-shot stand alone or does it roll into what you’re doing with Rags Morales in the series?

It will roll in but it’s definitely going to stand on its own. We’re setting up the rules that we’re going to play by.

So if Batman exists in this world does Superman?

Batman, yes. Superman, no. The world that we’re creating has no superpowers.

Is Bruce Wayne Batman in this world?


Was a world without superpowers one of your stipulations for taking on this project?

Dan came to me because he wanted that kind of world. The pinnacle of humanity in this world is Doc Savage. He’s top of the food chain.

I like the fact that its set strictly in a world where there are no super powers, and it has a timeless sensibility. I’m not going to say: “there aren’t enough comics set that way anymore” but then I’d be wrong. When was the last time you saw Hal Jordan use a cell phone or anything?

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