Grant Morrison’s 18 Days.


So, way back when Virgin Comics still existed, and even when the Virgin Megastore was still just a block away from the store here, Grant Morrison was going to do a comic on an Indian myth called Mahbharata.  Considering the publisher’s roots in Indian folklore it seemed like it was a great fit.  Virgin Comics went the way of the Dodo, and it seemed like the project did too. Until Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool found out more about it:

Liquid Comics and Perspective Studio are pursuing the property as a CGI drama as 18 Days: The Mahbharata Retold, for broadcast next year in multiple formats depending on territory and format – 2 x 90 minute TV movies, 6 x 30 episodes, an extended 200 minute DVD release or 18 x 10 minute web episodes. There will be online and console games alongside the show and by the time it’s out you’ll probably be able to interact with it on your SuperNintendo. Here’s the trailer…

Johnston has a trailer at his site, which he got from the 18 Days website, but unfortunately, they’ve exceeded their server limits on downloads, so you’ll have to watch it here.  Morrison, in the show notes compares it to a kind of  “a psychedelic The Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology” and I can see that analogy.

Regardless, it looks cool.

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