Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” comic featured in Playboy.

Next to District 9, the other one last hope for a good summer movie is Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”.   Yes, I know its going to be over the top; yes, I know, its going to be filled with dialogue that serves no purpose, but, dammit it just looks like some good old fashioned fun.  That’s what you can say about Tarantino at the end of the day–he makes movies that are pure fun, but not necessarily any good, really.

Anyway, Playboy features a two page strip done on something called Flash that I wouldn’t bother checking out, because it seems like the page is busted, but fortunately the Beat managed to recover some pages drawn by “Scalped” artist R.M. Guera.

PG 58 & 59

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