Hey, check out some grainy footage from Iron Man 2 and Kick-Ass.


Over the weekend, grainy footage from the Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2 panels at SDCC wound up on the Internet.

The Iron Man 2 footage, which was sweded by a couple of budding fanboys, showed Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) giving it to Gary Shandling which was quite hilarious.

The Kick-Ass footage, however, I don’t know whether its supposed to be funny, like its a comedy, or some kind of low-grade horror movie with splatter and physical comedy. Like some kind of uber-violent snuff film version of Mystery Men. Bleh.

Of course, there should be a disclaimer. Most of this footage was probably taken on someone’s iPhone 3GS, there is an echo, bad sound and shaky hands.  So, really, to get an accurate portrayal of these two clips is next to impossible.  But its worth looking at anyway.

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