Spider-Man musical is having issues.

Shocking.  When you think about the talent involved with Evan Rachel Wood, music from U2, and Julie Taymor’s apparent ridiculous spending totaling somewhere around 45 million (!!!).  Vulture reports:

Michael Riedel reports this morning that production on 2010’s Julie Taymor–directed, U2-scored Broadway musical Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark — now budgeted at $45 million, apparently — is on “hiatus” because money’s run out. Hilariously, that’s not even its most pressing problem. The show’s lead producer, David Garfinkle, a Chicago showbiz lawyer with little producing experience who magically usurped authority following the death of the original producer in 2005, has been unable to reign in Taymor’s excesses, hence the out-of-control budget, says Riedel. Even Bono’s mad!

Apparently, Bono and The Edge are pretty furious and want a replacement for Garfinkle by the end of business today.  In the mean time, for all the money they are spending, I imagine ticket prices when this thing opens in March 2010 will be through the roof.  Considering, the problems Broadway is having I really hope they can pull this together, while curbing costs on that will eventually be reflective on ticket prices, making it tough for those of us DYING to see this musical. (Which is a first for me to say, because I hate musicals).

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