Rick Remender on the end of Fear Agent.


I might cry. Really. Rex Mundi is ending, Fear Agent, and I just don’t know what else to say anymore. Remender spoke with Comic Book Resources on the end of his project:

“This will lead us into our sixth arc, which will pretty well be the most nonlinear story I’ve ever written,” Remender said. “Time consumption, the null bang and more Jellybrains… unbridled imagination is the name of the game on this last arc. It’s also a good place to set it down and take a break for a while.”

Remender is wrapping up it so he can focus on his Marvel work.  Though Heath will return for a lead-up to the “Fear Agent” movie.  Well at least there is that happy news.  Remender said he didn’t want to feel like he the character was overexposed or being overextended with the feature film gearing up and his involvement with that.  So, he will be setting up a prelude to the film as a relaunch.

He did, however, feel a pang of sadness, having worked on the character for as long as he has.

When you invest so much time in a character — we created Heath in 2004 — you become very connected. Writing Heath is a joy, never a moment of pause to catch his voice or wonder how he’d react,” Remender said. “I know the character in and out and that makes writing an exercise in showing those nuts and bolts to the reader, it’s just a pleasure to write ‘Fear Agent.'”

Sad, but hey. There’s gonna be a movie, so not that bad really.

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