Bidi Bidi Bidi… That’s the Frikkin Bomb, Buck!

Been playing with this in the wee hours of the evening after closing the FP NYC store…

Go Hero’s Buck Rogers 12″ Action Figure

… That’s right.  Playing with it.  Grown man, playing with a toy.  Flying Buck Rogers around, flirting with all the female action figures in sight, battling monsters, having adventures… Y’know. Playing.

I’m a gigantic Buck Rogers fan, and have been since I was a kid.  I have an affinity for the 70s TV show (can’t get enough of evil space chicks in Lycra, and Gil Gerard’s the man), but I love Buck in all his iterations.  This particular figure is a re-creation of John F. Dille, Phillip Francis Nowlan, and Dick Calkins’ Buck from their newspaper strip of the 1930s.


His helmet’s removable, his Atomic Disintegrator (blaster) is die-cast, he’s got a totally sick jetpack, and his clothes are cut from better quality material than almost anything I own.  This toy’s the cat’s pajamas, and if you’re a fan of Buck or classic old-school space opera, and you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.  It is so choice.  (Thanks, Ferris Bueller.)


As a quick aside, allow me a moment to also state my affection for Twiki, robot sidekick to Buck in the 70s.  The Mel Blanc-voiced weisenheimer is long overdue a revival in popularity and what with the “everything old is new again” credo running through geekdom these days it is a crime that he’s not been given a new figure.  I will not rest until I have a light-up talking Twiki in my grubby mitts once again.

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