Things we want from Comic Con.

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A lot of cool things spun out of Comic Con, but given that we recommended you go shopping on Sunday, here are a few things we would love to pick up.

  1. Booster Gold fan club t-shirt [pictured above].  It looks like this was a giveaway at the con, and if that is so, that’s quite a giveaway.  Doesn’t look like its on sale, but we figure its only a matter of time.
  2. Marvelman t-shirt. We’ve already said we love the hell out of this thing.
  3. Flynn Lives t-shirt.  From the viral marketing campaign to Tron 2.
  4. Zombieland hand sanitizer.  Because riding that NYC subway, you never know what kind of germs you may get. (via Agent M).
  5. “Daybreak” by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. Very much so looking forward to this Vertigo Crime book.
  6. “Blastosaurus” by Richard Fairgray.  Just seems like its going to be a stellar and fun read.
  7. Green Lantern: First Flight:  The movie is getting great reviews from what I understand.  It looks quite good.
  8. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  I’ve reserved my copy. Have you?

I know, I know–I have a t-shirt problem.

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