“World War Z” author to write G.I. Joe miniseries.

If nothing else, we should at least get a well-written G.I. Joe something, because I’m pretty sure we won’t find anything well-written in the movie.  Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’s son, will write a G.I. Joe mini series coming from IDW.

“Both Chris Ryall (IDW Editor-in-chief) and I read ‘World War Z’ and we knew we had to try to get Max to write something for us. What we didn’t know is that Max is a huge ‘G.I. Joe’ fan and had expressed interest in writhing ‘G.I. Joe’ to (‘COBRA’ writer) Christos Gage,” said Andy Schmidt, IDW’s ‘G.I. Joe’ editor. “Synchronicity ensued and ‘G.I. Joe’ has never looked or read so well! We’re very pleased to add Max’s vision to the ‘G.I. Joe’ canon.”

Brooks would go on to say this is a dream project for him and that he would go on to write “Different Strokes 2.5.” I think the former SNL writer is pulling someone’s leg, but quite honestly, “World War Z” was probably the best genre novel in the last couple of years. Not an hour ago, did I convince a friend to pick it up in the underground basement that is the Barnes and Noble of 86th street.  The 60 Minutes style of interviewing that takes up the book is a smart approach at the satirical science fiction novel.  Especially the “interviews” with the military commanders that fought the Zombie War the book that the book orally dictates.  I found them to be quite well written, I can imagine that will follow-through with this miniseries, and get me reading a G.I. Joe book for the first time.

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