Warren Ellis and the movies.

Warren Ellis says he is writing a treatment for “Excalibur.”Well, really, he says its an “Untitled Arthurian Legend” treatment,  but his producers call it Excalibur.

I’m writing a film treatment for Hollywood Gang, who co-produced Frank Miller’s 300. Hollywood Gang have previously optioned my graphic novel (with Chris Sprouse) OCEAN.

On my desk, the treatment is called Untitled Arthurian Project.

On their desk, the project is called EXCALIBUR.

And yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with his run on the X-Men spinoff book in the early 90s. Its been a long time since I’ve read anything of Ellis’s since the end of “Nextwave” and “Fell” hasn’t seen an issue in at least a year, but I did really like his short graphic novella “Crecy”. The book is about the battle of Crecy, France in 1346.  It had to be one of the most thoroughly researched, and meticulously written historical graphic novels I can remember.  So, given how much I liked that book, I must say this treatment could be something I’m very much looking forward to Ellis’s take on the Arthurian legends.

Internet Jesus is working with Hollywood Gang, the same people who optioned his and Chris Sprouse’s “Ocean” and produced “300.”

In other Warren Ellis movie news, the adaptation of his and Cully Hamner’s “Red” is moving along nicely.  MTV’s Splash Page reports that Robert Schwentke, the director of the sci-fi romance “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, may be taking the helm of the film.  Hamner, on Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman staring in the film, said:

“I have to point out that, to my knowledge, neither actor is a done deal,” he said. “And even if I’m wrong and they are, it doesn’t mean the movie will even get made.”

Regardless, I think the state of the comic book cinema landscape could use a little bit of Ellis to shake things up.

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