Fans Swede “Iron Man 2” footage, Be Kind Rewind Style.

So some fans “Be Kind Rewind” ‘d the “Iron Man 2” footage from Comic Con, because the studio hadn’t released the clip yet.  And we echo what Topless Robot had to say on this topic:

I’d also like to ask why on god’s green earth these studios don’t release the actual footage after showing it at these cons. How is showing clips to 6000 people better than showing it to everyone? Wouldn’t you build more buzz by just releasing the damn thing for the rest of us? Grr.

What exactly is the deal with being an elitist and showing it to fans at the Con? Why wouldn’t you post it on the Intertubes immediately after so millions of other people can also get fired up for the movie? Just doesn’t seem very conducive from a marketing standpoint.  Are the Con-goers more special than those of us who didn’t go?

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