Harvey Awards Announced.

The Harvey Awards were released earlier to today. Via release, the details include:

Nominations for the Harvey Awards are selected exclusively by creators – those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field. They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. Professionals who participate will be joining nearly 2,000 other comics professionals in honoring the outstanding comics achievements of 2008. Thank you to all that have already participated by submitting a nomination ballot.

Final ballots are due to the Harvey Awards by Friday, August 28, 2009. Full details for submission of completed ballots can be found on the final ballot. Voting is open to anyone professionally involved in a creative capacity within the comics field. Final ballots are available for download at www.harveyawards.org. Those without Internet access may request that paper ballots be sent to them via mail or fax by calling the Baltimore Comic-Con (410-526-7410) or e-mailing baltimorecomicccon@yahoo.com.

Notable nominees include: Ed Brubaker (“Captain America”), Kyle Baker (“Nat Turner”), Grant Morrison (“All-Star Superman”),  Jeff Kinney (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) and John Gallagher (“Buzz Boy”) for Best Writer.

Best Artists are Gabriel Ba (“Umbrella Academy”), Kyle Baker for the previously mentioned “Nat Turner,” Jimmy Gownley (“Amelia Rules”), “Jason Kruse (“World of Quest”), and Frank Quitely (“All-Star Superman”).

Zuda Comics had a strong showing with three nominees for Best New Series in “High Moon,” “The Night Owls” and “Supertron” with Bobby Timony of  “The Night Owls” nominated for Best New Talent.

Also nominated in Best New Talent was Bryan  J.L. Glass for “Mice Templar” and Matt Cassan for “Nascar Heroes.”  Didn’t even know Nascar had its own line of comics but that’s cool.

The Best Continuing Series nominees were “Captain America,” “All-Star Superman,” “Umbrella Academy” “Mice Templar”and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

Rantz Hoseley’s “Comic Book Tattoo” continues its sweeps in award nominees and Joe Keatinge’s and Mark Andrew Smith’s excellent anthology “Popgun” got a nod as well.

Alright, you can check out the full list of the nominees at The Beat. Personally, I’m pulling for “Y: The Last Man” #60 to win Best Single Issue, Alex Robinson’s “Too Cool to Be Forgotten” and the Timonys for “The Night Owls“.

The winners will be announced October 10, at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Source: 2009 Harvey Award Nominations Announced [via The Beat].

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