“The Maxx” streaming live (and free) on MTV.

I think I’m dating myself with this one.  Way back when, I must have been in 8th grade or so, MTV had this spectacular late-night animation series called Oddities. (Think Adult Swim ten years before the fact). They aired such classics as “Aeon Flux” and this show, Sam Kieth’s “The Maxx”.

Based on Kieth’s Image Comics series, “The Maxx” was about a homeless man who dreams of defeating villains in an imaginary Outback.  Taken in by social worker Julie, who thinks this Outback is just Maxx’s way of dealing with the harsh nights living in a box in New York City, she comes to realize that she is the Queen of this Outback and Maxx is her protector.

The series was extremely strange but like most childhood things that shape your mind at a young age, I was pumped to see the complete series on MTV.  I know what I’m going to be doing the rest of the day.

[Via The Beat].

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  1. Mike

    I remember this, better than most of the garbage on Adult Swim these days. I just came accross this blog from a friend of mine’s website, when was it launched? Good Stuff.

  2. Alice Meichi Li

    Awesome!!! No one in my 5th grade class knew what I meant whenever I talked about The Maxx on MTV… sigh. Now, to relive the only good part about Junior High!