Good morning, I think introductions are in order.

By David Press.

Welcome to the first day of The Daily Planet! For those of you who have visited Forbidden Planet the store in Union Square over the years, consider this your daily update on what’s going on in the genres the store inhabits.

On a daily basis we’ll be bringing you news on manga, science fiction and I’ll be bringing you the general news bytes from the world of comics.

We opened yesterday with an interview with the wonderful Marjorie Liu talking¬† about “Dark Wolverine” (out today!) and coming up we’ll have a round-up of news from Wizard World Philadelphia and HeroesCon.

Stay tuned here for what is sure to be a fun ride, and swing around the store today to pick up your comics.¬† I personally strongly recommend “Dark Wolverine” #75, “Viking” #2, “Secret Warriors” #5, “Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia” #1, and “Detective Comics” #854 with “Whiteout” writer Greg Rucka and “Promethea” artist J.H. Williams III!

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