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Lost Famous Monsters Of Filmland Found!

Famous Monsters of Filmland issue number 70 is the first of hopefully manny “missing issue” releases.  This baby is a monster kid’s dream come true, perfectly reproducing the look, content  and flavor of classic FM issues.  It’s worth it alone for the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger photo spread from Hercules in New York.

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Click the cover to get your grubby little hands on a copy!

In a tip of the hat to our grand old name, Famous Monsters presents the first of the missing issues. FM Retro 70, written in the style of the original Famous Monsters of Filmland, offers features on Count Yorga, Vampire; Hercules in New York; Bride of Frankenstein and more. Also original features, Mystery Photo, You Axed For It, Fang Mail and Things to Come. The Retro Cover is by Jeff Preston, edited by your favorite Monster cuz Mighty Joe Moe, and of course we have Forrest J Ackerman as our Honorary Editor-in-Chief!

While I’m at it, God bless the good folks over at IDW Publishing for keeping the spirit of the Ackermonster alive by publishing new issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

Click on the cover to pick up a copy of issue 254 which has an awesome Vincent Price article!

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