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Troy’s Toys, actually with toys

What’s this?! An article where I actually talk about the thing I was hired to do?! I too am surprised about this turn of events!

It’s been awhile, mostly because I’ve been a bit burnt out talking about toys (you can only talk about Batman figures on a weekly basis for so long), and because there was a lack of toys that caught my eye. That’s since changed, as we’ve received plentiful comics and videya game type toys in recently. Let’s start off with a few imports yes?


First and foremost is the Max Factory Legend of Zelda Link Figma. For one of the premiere video game franchise for 25+ years, there’s a shocking lack of decent action figures for the game. Figma Link, based on the Skyward Sword game for the Nintendo Wii, changes that, offering the best plastic incarnation of the character to date. The sculpt is 100% faithful to the game, and the paint job, while simple, captures the graphics of the game quite well. There’s not much to discuss in terms of accessories, but they’re the type of things you expect to come packaged with a Figma-variant face, alternate hands, a stand, the iconic Master Sword and Hylian Shield, and a swinging effect for the sword. It’s a dream figure for those who’ve been waiting for a good Link figure, and one that’s not going to be around for long. Link retails for $54 and it’s totally worth every penny for long suffering Nintendo fans.

945789_549811575060624_2112295557_n31854-sailormarsfiguartsheader1Our selection of S.H. Figuarts has also expanded with a ton of #ladies! The super-popular Sailor Moon line has expanded, as we have both Sailor Mars and Mercury in stock, as well as the Pink Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line. All of these figures are super faithful to their source material, and posses about 30-4o points of articulation. And of course there’s variant hands and a few accessories per figure.

Both Sailor Scouts (I have a passing familiarity with Sailor Moon lingo) have changeable faces and wands, where as the Pink Ranger (Kimberly right?) has her bow and blaster. The lack of stands is a back whack, but it lowers the price point a bit, so that’s cool. Theses all retail in the $40 range, and we have a few other Sailor Moon/Power Rangers Figuarts in stock if you want to check those out too.

Amazing-Spider-Man-2-Marvel-Legends-Infinite-Series-Set HAS23425Concluding this return to form, I’m ending this article at a look at some new super hero figures. With Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (sploosh) due out in theaters this spring, Hasbro has rolled out 2 separate waves of 6″ Legends figures. The Spider-Man wave consists of movie-accurate Spider-Man and Electro, Ultimate Beetle (with modern Boomerang as the variant!), Carnage, the Superior Spider-Man AND Black Cat (with Spider-Girl as the variant). The Cap wave consists of Marvel NOW! Cap, Captain America from The First Avengers, Baron Zemo, the Red Skull, and both Hydra and A.I.M. grunts. Both waves have figures packaged with Build-A-Figure pieces, meaning if you drop close to $200 on buying either of these complete waves, you can get the Ultimate Green Goblin or a Mandroid. Please note that Hasbro has one again jacked up the cost of these figures, so they’re retailing close to $30 a pop.

That’s all for this week. With Toy Fair around the corner, I’ll try to update the toy side of things more often, but no promises FPNYC! Although there are some new Play Arts worth talking about….


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New Toys: Beaten to the Robo-punch

Whelp! I was going to talk about all the new “Pacific Rim” swag we currently have in at FPNYC, but it seems that Jeff beat me to the punch. In his defense, I probably shouldn’t been focused on the current Steam sale as hard as I’ve been. In my defense, Steam sale. Regardless, go see Pacific Rim, it’s awesome, and worth the 3-D IMAX prices, and then come by the shop and pick up some goodies. Unless you don’t like giant robots, then I don’t want to know you. You should still buy stuff from us though.

But by bringing up NECA and Steam, I CAN discuss some other stuff related to those topics. Since the initial releases sold so well,  both the Team Fortress 2 and Claptrap (Borderlands) figures have been re-released, with a nice new blue paint jobs. How do they stack up you ask? Well they all look great, no doubt about that, posing both great sculpts and great paint jobs. And the TF 2 figures (Demoman and Pyro) are loaded with accessories (Claptrap not so much :/ ), and codes for in-game content for said free-to-pay shooter (again the TF 2 figures only). But articulation for all 3 is limited, a little weird depending on the figure, with locked joints (a NECA staple), and there will be some SERIOUS paint wear if you switch up the poses at lot, at least with the TF2 guys. Still, it’s unlikely Square-Enix  will be making figures based on these guys anytime soon, and they sold well enough to warrant repaints, so you probably want to grab them sooner than later, especially how hard it is to find the Portal 2 and Half-Life figures. They retail for a little over $20 each.

Keeping the unofficial video game theme alive, the 2nd wave of Injustice 2-packs is out from DC Comics. The terribly redesigned Juggaglo Harley Quinn joins the probably slimiest version of Cyborg to date, and a rather well redesign Raven joins the Flash.  Each of these lil buggers clock in at 20 points of articulation, but their quality in terms of sculpt and paint vary, so you may want to compare sets. Something that irks me is that NONE of these 4 come with any accessories, which is kind of beat as series 1 did. They retail for about $30 bucks a pop, about the same price point as 2 Marvel Universe figures. Again, I dig the Flash/Raven set, but you can avoid the other 2 unless you’re a big fan of the characters or a completionist.

But for $10 more, you can pick up a Flash/Vibe 2 pace from the New 52 Justice League line. A smart move, because I can’t see too many people wanting to pick up Vibe by themselves, and it gives any late comers a 2nd chance to pick up the Flash figure. And these suckers go for about $25 single card, so you’re definitely saving some cash. They look MUCH better than their Injustice counterparts, but they’re also not as articulate. It’s kind of an even trade given the fact that you’re getting more for your money in terms of scale….I guess? Martian Manhunter also makes his new 52 figure debut, with a solid sculpt, good paint and mediocre articulation. Again great for fans/completitionists, hard to recommend for anyone else.

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More On The State of Comics…

Guillermo Del Toro, the brilliant director behind Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy feature films is an enigma. He loves comic books, but has no interest in working with them whatsoever.

Sure, he’s adapted the Hellboy books into movies with the help of comic book legend Mike Mignola. He’s also recently announced plans to create a Hulk TV show for Marvel…but why hasn’t he ever written a comic book?

-NOTE: I don’t think he has…he could have, but I can’t find reference on that…let me check.

NOPE, I see no proof lying on the ground outside of my cave that he has ever written a comic book…I just see a frozen squirrel and three feet of snow…and that one snow shoe I found in the forest that I tried to eat. And I broke a tooth. But I digress.

WHY does it matter what the guy writes? BECAUSE of one simple statement he made some time ago and also because of A) recent statements at Conventions and B) the Spike Video Game Awards.

Let’s flash back: Guillermo stated publicly that he believes “video games are the comic books of our time.” He equates the struggle for video games to find acceptance in the mass media as art, as culturally relevant and as worth-while entertainment mirrors video games rise in accessibility, narrative accomplishments and appeal to kids.

Very good points. It should come as no surprise that Guillermo unveiled his brand new video game project on the Spike Network’s broadcast of their VGA show this past weekend. The game will be from THQ in 2013 and is called Insane. Continue reading

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Star Wars Games

Here on Earth we use games of both the card and video variety to distract ourselves from the misery of our daily existence. Logically, who wants to be an unemployed barber when you can be an attractive 60th level elf woman who rides a tiger? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, however, life was different. Games in the Star Wars universe were utilized for a variety of purposes, such as degrading droids, stealing space ships or just shooting whining farmers with lasers from a robot piñata until they learn to chillax.

I say “were” as everyone in that galaxy is now dead. Yes, even 2-1B. You didn’t know that? Sure, the Hubble Telescope has seen that their sun went supernova about  100 million years back. Like they said, it was a long time ago. Continue reading

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Incredible Hulk Games

Incredible Hulk GamesOne of the best video games of 2009 was Eidos Interactive’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game’s success can be attributed to its skillful blending of stealth and fighting play style, coupled with tight level and character designs. Helping out the title’s awesome factor was the fact that it did star Batman.

Gotham’s resident bad-ass is always good for a video game: He’s dark, has fun weapons to throw as well as colorful villains to fight across the sprawling maze of a dirty city. If video games never existed they’d have to be invented just so Batman could run amok in them. A case could be made for games trumping movies as a medium conducive to conveying Batman’s gestalt… though comics would still beat them both and steal their lunch-money hands down!

The same could be said for Spider-Man, who has had great success in video games starting with his classic 1982 Atari 2600 cartridge and continuing on to Activision’s current crop of PlayStation titles. Neversoft’s 2000 Spider-Man game was a notable stand-out as it was one of the earliest Spidey titles offering a sandbox city to swing around in, as well as alternative costumes galore! Continue reading

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