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Hold On To That Dream!

By Shannon H

Death and pestilence kept me from the Weekly Planet last week, and it would figure that on such an occasion, the robot manga gods of Japan delivered a book I’ve been clawing after for no less than half a year. That book would be Dark Horse’s new printing of the first Magic Knight Rayearth story arc, another CLAMP title that had been abandoned by lame-o Tokyopop, forgotten and left to rot in the archives of our memories for almost eight years now. I had nearly lost my mind when I first found out that Dark Horse seemed to be on this CLAMP kick, but the Magic Knight book kept falling behind schedule, and it was making me a very sad panda. It’s definitely one of my favourite CLAMP titles, not only because it was the first one I ever read, or because it changed the way I looked at comics in general, but because it’s just so damn awesome as well! Continue reading

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Review HGUC GM Blue Destiny

by Loran

The Gundam video games, while seldom important to the “big picture” of the Gundam Universe, often give us nice little side-stories or chances to blow stuff up with our favorite mobile suits. But once in awhile, a game will come around that adds new mobile suits or teams that become really popular parts to the Universal Century, and one of the most famous is the Blue Destiny: a trilogy of first-person shooter games on the Sega Saturn that also spawned a manga retelling, and gave us one of the coolest trios of Gundam/GM-based suits ever-the Blue Destiny units. These were created using some crazy technology stolen from some Zeon scientist that had a Newtype girl trapped inside the-you know, I might as well not bother explaining it. It makes no sense. Anyway, it was called the EXAM system, and it’s a crazy berserker system sort of like the ZERO system from Gundam Wing.

Strangely enough, BD-1, the only Blue Destiny based on a GM, was actually the second BD unit to come out of the HGUC line, coming after the Blue Destiny Unit 2. All three BDs are pretty much the same, aside from the head and backpack in the GM’s case, and the weapons/shields in the case of all three. I own Blue 1 and Blue 2, but Blue 1 is probably my favorite, just because of how nasty its face looks. Continue reading

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