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Prepare To Witness Savage Things #1

They trained him to be a monster. Now, they need him to protect them from monsters.

Savage Things #1 is a heart-stopping ride! If you want gripping action and intriguing characters with a greater threat to tease you back for the next issue then look no further. Savage Things comes from the pen of Justin Jordan (The Legacy of Luther Strode, Shadowman) and the pencils of Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes). For fans of Sheriff of Babylon, Nailbiter, Velvet, or Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country series, congratulations you just found your next must-read series.

The story is centered around a secret government organization who kidnaps and trains children they believe have the markings to become serial killers. Instead of just ignoring these potential threats to society, they decide to train them to be chaos agents. As agents of chaos they were sent in to certain hotspots to engage and execute enemies of the state with extreme prejudice. When the monsters they created became too tough to control, the organization decided to eliminate their kill squad. The result: Epic fail.

Now a rogue group of these savage killers has begun to cut a swath of terror all over the United States threatening to expose secrets the organization will do anything to keep from being revealed. Their solution? His code name is Abel and he’s perfectly happy with getting his hands bloody. Put it this way, Jason Bourne ain’t got $@&% on Abel.

Don’t miss this exciting first chapter of an eight-issue limited series that has all the potential to be at the top of your pull-list.

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SDCC: Vertigo Crime Panel.

"Daytripper" cover by Fabio Moon.
"Daytripper" cover by Fabio Moon.

I am ridiculously fired up over what comes out through the new Crime Line series of books from DC/Vertigo Comics.  Shepherded in by Will Dennis, Kiel Phegley at Comic Book Resources gives us a great outlook of what to expect.

Karen Berger [VP of Editorial introduced panelists Jason Starr, Peter Gross, Jeff Lemire, Chris Gage, brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (who when asked why they have different last names, Ba joked,”It’s all fake names”), Max Allan Collins and Gary Phillips.

First of all, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon are doing a Crime Line book? Oh, that’s goddamn brilliant.  Their book is called “Daytripper” which is about an Obituaries writer who becomes embroiled in a case beyond his control.  The book is going to come out some time around the end of 2009.

Other books discussed: “Nobody” writer/artist Jeff Lemire talked about his ongoing series “Sweet Tooth,” which is about a human/deer hybrid wandering the road in post-apocalyptic earth.  That’s going to be a cool one I’m sure.

Brian Azzarello’s “Filthy Rich,” which I’m sure is going to be a total gem. Azz is the best crime writer working in comics now. Modern luminary Ian Rankin is going to be doing a “Constantine” story, and doing a book called “Dark Entries.”

Peter Milligan is contributing “Bronx Kill,” about a writer who is the black sheep of his family of Irish cops, and gets involved in a case when he’s suspected of his family’s murder. Workaholic Christos Gage is also doing a book (I swear I feel like Gage is writing at least six books now) called “Area 10” about someone who experiments in Trepenation which is the art of drilling a hole in your head to enhance awareness.

There are many more including works from Anderson Gabrich, John Evans, Gary Philips, and more. However the highlight for me is Max Allan Collins’ “Return to Perdition.”

“Initially Dreamworks didn’t want anyone to know [the movie for ‘Road to Perdition’] was based on a graphic novel, and the media loved it,” said Collins, who explained that the slow pace his artist worked on precipitated him to write two prose novels while the film took off and the brand expanded. “Right now, there’s one story left, and I said to Will at a con, ‘What would you think of instead of my doing a prose novel, bringing it full circle with a graphic novel?'”

Taking place in the early ’70s with the grandson of Tom Hanks’ character in witness protection and finding out that the government has been hiding the fact that his father lives and the “Watergate-esque” drama that springs from that setup.

Collins announced that his former “Ms. Tree” collaborator Terry Beatty will reteam with him for “Return to Perdition.”

“Road to Perdition” was easily my favorite comic to film adaptation. I’m not a Sam Mendes fan, but I do think this was the best movie he ever did.  So, the fact that Collins is bringing the conclusion to this is a Must Buy in my book.

Sources: CCI: Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line [Comic Book Resources].  Daytripper photo [via Fabio Moon’s Flickr].

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