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To Say Nothing of the Owlbear

DC did it. In an industry where fighting for attention on the shelf is the key to the game, DC has rounded up the competition and painted their covers beige*.

Few people are going to care this week that IDW have Dungeons and Dragons: Drizzt #2, a new ongoing comic book about D&D’s favorite Drow Elf Drizzt Do’Urden written (partially) by R. A. Salvatore and featuring a cover where a dwarf headbutts an Owlbear. AN OWLBEAR, sugar! They’re the honeybadger of the D&D world!

This is possibly one of the best covers of the year…but is anyone going to notice?

Not when you have Action Comics #1, Batgirl #1, Detective Comics #1…heck, even Animal Man #1 on the shelves! All the Owlbear carnage in the entire Forgotten Realms ain’t going to roll a critical hit against any of DC’s crop of 52 new titles with a big “#1” on the front.

Now it is true, Marvel has the New Avengers Annual #1 which will kick off some of the aftermath of Fear Itself, especially Wonderman’s new team the Revengers! Plus, Marvel also has the full color relaunch of Gabriel Ba’s Cassanova in Cassanova: Avaritia #1. Too bad these will be overlooked by many, as they sound great! Continue reading

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