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Shoot First, Apologize Later

NOBODY is omniscient, and we all make mistakes. Think I’m joking? WHO YA’ GOT? “God?” Is God a perfect, omniscient being that never makes mistakes? Really?

You think God would’ve created life on Earth if IT was omniscient enough to foresee “Bronies,” or the Star Wars prequels? IT doesn’t make mistakes? Have you ever SEEN a tongue louse, or Ceratothoa imbricata? The Coconut crab? ” You gonna’ tell me GOD wasn’t stupid crunk on ambrosia when IT created the naked mole rat?

The key to forgiveness is admitting to the mistakes. I, Unkiedev, would like to print some apologies.

I apologize to BOOM! Studio’s groovy comic book Adventure Time for not buying it earlier…I was not an early adopter to the TV show and have to come back, tail between legs to beg for a pardon. Luckily, BOOM! Has forgiven me with a 2nd edition reprint of Adventure Time #1 this week.

I’m sorry to everybody that I didn’t recommend the ground-breaking and headline grabbing Life With Archie #16 last week. I can’t say I’m a regular Archie reader, and I rarely recommend comic books for speculation purposes, but no matter how you want to view the politics of the dang thing, a same sex marriage in such a mainstream comics is a positive sign for changing times…not to mention that copies are selling on ebay right now for $15 bucks and more.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? I feel much better. Continue reading

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Costume, Partly


Costumes shouldn’t be changed, ever. Trust me, I know. I’ve been wearing the same feety pajamas and diaper my parents brought me home from the hospital in for over thirty years now. Sure it’s smelly, falling apart, and a mental/physical health hazard to all who approach me. That’s not the point…it’s ICONIC!

DC just changed Wonder Woman’s outfit a few scant months ago and now they’re batting up for Superman’s costume reboot. And recape, and repants, and reshirt.  The Fantastic Four are now wearing white, Spidey has had about four different outfits in the last year (Regular, Back-in-black, Iron Spider and that Future black and red glowy thing) and even The Incredible Hulk family had to dye themselves red to stay on top of the fashion wars. Continue reading

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A Brief look at the 2011 Spider-Man line

By Loran

When I saw these new Spider-man figures on the shelves, I was a bit confused. Was there some new cartoon out that I hadn’t heard of? Well, I guess Hasbro realized the power of Spidey and decided, “Hey, he’ll sell no matter what fiction is out there!” and went for a new line of 3 ¾” figures. I took a quick look at them and honestly liked what I saw. They used the same type of hips that the Iron Man and Wolverine figures did, which I like a LOT more than the stupid plastic t-bar hips that the Marvel Universe figures use.

Little did I realize, though, that was pretty much the only thing these figures have over the Iron Man and Wolverine ones. Continue reading

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