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Vile Creatures!

As any fan of Forbidden Planet NYC can attest, the store and Uglydoll have gone together like Vulcans and Pon Farr for a number of years now.  This week Travis Fowler and Andrew Greer felt the need to illustrate that further by shooting an Uglydoll promo…  Beware the horrors of the FP storage area.  There really are that many full long white comic boxes.  Along one wall.  And about twenty times that in total.  The horror.  The horror.

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The (Friday) Walk of Shame #3.

We apologize for the lack of a Walk of Shame for last week, there wasn’t much shame to have regardless, as there was a ton of nothing to read last week. So without further ado, here we have our third issue of THE WALK OF SHAME with Jeff Ayers and yours truly.


DAVE: I’m about halfway through LOCKE & KEY vol. 1, and I have to say this DCD369189book is completely brilliant.  Bode, that kid, holy shit, I haven’t read better characterization of a kid that age since Vaughan was on RUNAWAYS. That moment between he and his mother while he’s fishing for treasure about the homework assignment where he did a comic about his father’s death was completely heart-wrenching and beautiful.  I mean, Hill earned that Eisner nod on that page alone.

JEFF: And Gabriel Rodriguez’s art is ideally suited for the story. It’s somehow gritty and brutal, and often unrelentingly tense, but he can balance it out with tenderness and nice characterization. Draws great facial expressions. He’s got a real passion for the story and it shows. He also worked on an adaptation of Clive Barker’s Great and Secret Show, which I also dug.

Have you read any of Joe’s prose? His novel Heart-Shaped Box and short story collection 20th Century Ghosts… They’re pretty terrific, too.

The guy’s really talented.

Absolutely, Ty’s expression when his cousin says to him about being more famous than famous people now was detailed perfectly. The dead stare on Sam’s face is perfectly indicitive of a killer without emotion. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an artist who matches up Hill’s characterization with his line work.  The looks on Duncan and Kinsey’s face when Bode tells that Owl/Echo joke. Totally brilliant.

That’s something not often discussed- comics stories best told through facial expressions. AKA The Steve Dillon Experience. Preacher would have been nothing if, say, Jim Lee or any other action oriented comicker took a crack at it.

Yeah. Its been a long time since we’ve had something like that.  What other books do you think work like that?

Allred’s Madman, to an extent. Hewlett’s Tank Girl. Jaime’s Love& Rockets. Tons of books are made by the artist’s facial expressions skillz…

What did you end up getting this week?

Picked up the Irredeemable trade, and the subsequent 5th ish (a steal at 99 cents), the Pax Romana trade because I have a Jonathan Hickman man-crush, and um, ah, um, um Star Trek Alien Spotlight on Q… cuz I’m a dork.


Oh, and of course the obligatory Wednesday Comics.

Picked up: Iron Man, Deadpool: Merc with a mouth, World of New Krypton and Locke and key.  Yeah that Pax Romana shit is so ground-breaking.  Hickman has really done something to change the style comics design.  I got the first couple of issues of Pax but missed on the final few, I wanted to pick it up but thought it was too many trades on the day.

Was a huuuuge week for nice books. My pockets can’t keep up.

There was also that new TMNT reprint. 30 bucks, but it’s sooo sexy.

Right, yeah, I saw that.  Really beautiful. You know what I just noticed I’m watching DEXTER and that kid who played Doomsday on SMALLVILLE plays the the suspected serial killer stalking Dexter.  He was terrible on Smallville but he is so creepy good on this its awesome. Ever watch Dexter?

Love it. Fantastic show. Never read the books it’s based on, but been meaning to.

Yeah, the books sound great if its anything like this.  This is a brilliant show.  What did you like the most from this week?

Michael C. Hall. That guy’s fantastic. What’d I like most. Um. There’s a lot of books out this week, but I got the most enjoyment out of…. the new Q Star Trek issue. I hate being so honest. I have the Q Virus!!!

Jesus. Why?!

Because that’s how I roll. And I haven’t read every book that came out this week to find something to trump the Q. Love that character.


That concludes the third issue of THE WALK OF SHAME.  Tune in next week for another issue.


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To Your Planet, Welcome

I believe that's my line, mister.

I here am new, but you are known as being Ayers of Forbidden Planet.

So my name is Jeff Ayers and, by way of introduction, I ‘ve worked for Forbidden Planet for the last fourteen(ish) years.  Capacity: buyer, manager, salesperson, schill. I would have posted sooner, but I’ve been working like a dog on helping develop FP’s Daily Planet AND this:


… a new webstore featuring all the comics, books, toys, manga, DVDs, etcetera, etcetera, that FP is known for worldwide. Amazon of geekdom. Well… it will be. We ain’t sleepin’ at night. The site just launched, and while it’s still a little raw, it’s functioning and ready to go! The Daily Planet’s actually an extension of that, so be sure to check both often, folks.

As for the Daily Planet, I’d like to use this space to thank Heidi MacDonald of The Beat for giving us a shout yesterday. Her comic culture blog is superb, and first on my Bookmark drop-down list on every internet browser I work from.

Also, special thanks to managing and contributing editor David Press for being the lone voice in the Daily Planet night so far.  His stalwart dedication to writing for this new blog has been admirable, his posts most enjoyable, and will continue to be so, providing news and insight in the world of comics and such.  There’ll also be a regular group of contributors, and guests galore.  As for me I dig a lot of geeky stuff (mostly books) and that’ll be the majority of my focus here.

Keep your eye on this space, as things are just ramping up!

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