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Mister Pretzelplyx

Aspiring comic book creators, such as myself, can often feel small and insignificant next to the wide array of talents on display in this week’s new release comics. Regular titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and even Aquaman are top-notch reads from great writers and talents!

Another example; Dark Horse Presents #12, will have a new Aliens story from Chew writer John Layman and drawn by Mr. Sam “The MaxxKieth, as WELL as classic space adventure from Steve Rude’s Nexus. THAT sort of all-star line up can make a cartoonist feel two inches tall.

Which is exactly how I feel, but not for that reason. My self-confidence is fine, My evil arch nemesis slipped a shrink serum into my drink. That’s right: I’VE SHRUNK MYSELF! HALP!


I’m the size of pretzel rod, and ironically, I was wearing a pretzel rod costume while I began this experiment…I do my best writing in my pretzel rod costume. I also do my best writing at my local bar, where some patron (undoubtedly working for my arch villain) slipped me the micro-molecular micky! I’m hiding amongst a bunch of OTHER pretzel rods, hoping to camouflage myself until the effects wear off.

Till then I shall continue to text in my column. Deadlines are deadlines. What were we talking about? OH YEAH: talent!

DC has Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Batman: Dark Victory out in an Absolute Edition this week. This team of shining talent turned out some classic Bat-yarns! The Long Halloween (available in paperback, absolute, or any other edition you might want) and Dark Victory are the books I’d point too should anyone ask what inspired The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s big budget Bat-flick from 2008, as well as the Batman video games of late which have titillated and enthralled.

The Loeb/Sale team is one of the most successful Bat-teams of all time, and I should know; I’ve read this next book:

The Comic Book History of Comics, Fred Van Lente (W), Ryan Dunlavey (A), IDW

The complete history of comics, from ancient times to the thoroughly modern, told in comic book form by comic book professionals! Fred Van “Marvel Zombies” Lente and Ryan “Action Philosophers” Dunlavey dispel misconceptions, clear up the cobwebs and shine light on true genius as they chart comics’ ups and downs with humor, detail, and self-referential brilliance!

If you like comics but don’t know anything about them, read this book! If you THINK you know what you’re doing, read this book and learn why you’ve been so painfully wrong this whole time…you stupid wrong jerk. Continue reading

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Brain Candy

By some twerp (Named Dev)

Imagine you were clonked on the head and you had absolute amnesia…maybe that’s too far fetched. Imagine instead that a magical woman in fishnet stockings wiped your mind to cover the fact that she tried to rehabilitate a super-criminal rapist but accidentally erased all your memories. THERE, now that’s something we can all relate too.

Now let’s say you walk into a comic book store.

Removed from actual context and stored memory, the comic book shop is nothing more than a gigantic, multi-colored candy shop of wonder and bizarre flavors! Without the burden of continuity, character arcs and publication history it’s a bunch of pretty pictures and compelling words…

What books would you be interested in without any pre-conceived notions? Continue reading

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Reel Independence With Troma: Sam Kieth & Lloyd Kaufman

By Unkie Dev

Lloyd Kaufman. To some he’s a film god, the David to Hollywood’s Goliath providing sharp, urbane horror and comedy to a public tired of the white-washed crumbs of the mainstream cinema. To others he’s a crass schlockmyseter, a sad, self aggrandizing turd polisher who couldn’t even reach the levels of Corman or Myers as an auteur but who’s publicity eclipses them both.

I think that’s the way he likes it.

To me, Lloyd Kaufman will always be the second worst boss I’ve ever had. For two months in the fall of 2004 I was Lloyd Kaufman’s personal assistant. He goes through them like tissue paper. By Lloyd’s own admission “I’m a terrible boss to work for. I’m doing you a favor for firing you!”

Lloyd’s visit to the store for a midnight Blu Ray release of Poultry Geist: Night of the Chicken Dead scheduled for Monday the 22nd has me nostalgic for those wild days of yesteryear. The coolest thing about Troma, hands down? The office!


THIS is AMAZING! Drop by sometimes, they’re all pretty friendly, if not busy, and will let you peek-a-boo if you’re a fan! Movie props abound, as well as Troma memorabilia from the good times and the bad. Continue reading

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Today in links.

Sam Kieth cover for Batman/Lobo
Sam Kieth cover for Batman/Lobo

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“The Maxx” streaming live (and free) on MTV.

I think I’m dating myself with this one.  Way back when, I must have been in 8th grade or so, MTV had this spectacular late-night animation series called Oddities. (Think Adult Swim ten years before the fact). They aired such classics as “Aeon Flux” and this show, Sam Kieth’s “The Maxx”.

Based on Kieth’s Image Comics series, “The Maxx” was about a homeless man who dreams of defeating villains in an imaginary Outback.  Taken in by social worker Julie, who thinks this Outback is just Maxx’s way of dealing with the harsh nights living in a box in New York City, she comes to realize that she is the Queen of this Outback and Maxx is her protector.

The series was extremely strange but like most childhood things that shape your mind at a young age, I was pumped to see the complete series on MTV.  I know what I’m going to be doing the rest of the day.

[Via The Beat].

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