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The Taint Screening and Dance Party this Friday 6/17/11

This Friday meet the filmmakers of one of the most insane films you’ll ever see… The Taint. Thank Brooklyn Fireproof for hosting a screening of one of my new favorite flicks. It’s filled to the brim with wild gore gags including more exploding penises than you could ever imagine, and unforgettable dialogue you’ll really weed out the P.C. types with. It’s a modern independent horror film that looks great and still gets the 80s cult vibe.  If you’re a fan of the new wave of modern exploitation like Hobo with a Shotgun and Rubber, The Taint is a must see.

Here’s the details:

Friday June 17th

Brooklyn Fireproof

119 Ingraham St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

9pm Doors and Reception
10pm First viewing
11:30pm Second Viewing

Music all night.

$2 for movie ticket
$5 for ticket + signed poster
$7 for ticket + sticker + poster
$12 for ticket + DVD
$15 for ticket + DVD + sticker + poster

I’m so excited to see this with a crowd of people. I’ve got the official T-Shirt from Rotten Cotton and I’ve been showing it to friends nonstop since I ordered the VHS, and the reactions on their faces are worth every penny.  I’m not kidding when I say this film will go down in genre history.

And no it’s not the second part in a three part series.

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Fangoria #302

Fangoria issue #302 hit the shelves this week, and this reader’s jaw hit the floor.  There has been a lot of bad mouthing on Fangoria in the last couple years, but their most recent output should shut them haters up. They’ve added great new colums like Trash Compactor, which focuses on some serious deep cuts from the genre, and Sound Shock, covering in detail classic horror scores, soundtracks, and composers. Recent articles about personal favorites like Slithis, The Boneyard, The Twilight Zone and KISS makes me remember why Fangoria will always be my favorite magazine peroid. 

Fangoria Issue #302 being a perfect example, packed cover to cover with the gory goodness we’ve come to expect.  I was personally excited about interviews with Rubber’s Quentin Dupieux and the demented minds behind Hobo with a Shotgun.  But with articles on Dario Argento, Sybil Danning, Wolfen, Chainsaw Sally, Gore Shriek, and a cover dedicated to James Wan’s Insidious, I’m sure there is something for fans from all walks of the genre.  If that’s not enough to get you to open your wallet in these frugal times, did I mention it comes with a giant fold out poster for Argento’s Deep Red?

What are you waiting for? Pick up Fangoria #302!

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Watch RUBBER now!

I finally got a chance to watch Rubber last night and let me tell you… My mind was blown!  It’s already my favorite film of the year… for no reason!

Imagine if Charles Band directed Scanners, scripted by Jackie Kong and you might get a smidgen of an idea of the insanity that is Rubber.  It’s a genre movie with Wings Hauser so how could I not love it.  Check out his phenomenal The Carpenter if you can find a copy.

YouTube Preview Image

And of course, support Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber!

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