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Tamashii Nation 2012 Part 1 Arts!

Tamashii Fest is here yet again!!

It seems every year Bandai shows off some really awesome stuff at Tamashii fest and you have to wonder how they can outdo themselves. Somehow, they manage to find a way. This year’s Tamashii Fest has been filled with some of the same stuff we’re used to, plus some absolutely fantastic new surprises. I’ll be splitting things up into two reports, one for robots; one for the various *Arts lines. I’ll be covering just the stuff I’m interested, so if you want to see the full spread, you’ll have to check out Bluefin Distribution/Tamashii Nations USA’s Facebook page.

Also remember that everything here is an item that MAY come out. For every five or so toys that do see the light of day, one always ends up in release hell, like Master Asia.

This part will cover the various *Arts figures that have been displayed.

To start off, we’ve got a ton of the other Riders from Kamen Rider Ryuki! Yeah, I bet everyone who bought the Figmas feels really silly right now (I am one of such people). Odin, Ouja, Zolda, Femme, Tiger, Scissors, and Knight Survive were all on display. I own the Figmas of Ouja, Zolda, and Femme, but honestly, I might grab the figuarts, too, just because I like the designs that much, especially Ouja. Ouja is just too cool.

One of the big, crazy, totally out-of-left-field announcements were the D-Arts for Pokémon! Yeah, nobody saw these coming. We know Mewtwo (with bonus Mew) is coming out for sure, but Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are up in the air for now. Chances are, they’re waiting on how Mewtwo’s sales go. Honestly? This figure is so cool I might have to get one for myself. Just look at the TAIL. I see Pokémon having a pretty bright future under the D-Arts brand.

Sadly, Bluefin did not have pictures of the three final form starters…

While I haven’t bought any or really talked about them much, Bandai gets ALL MY RESPECT for announcing a Monster Arts of Biollante from the second Heisei Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Biollante. People tend to forget about that one, sadly. It’s far from the best, but certainly not the worst. I just love how most of the Monster Arts figures have been from the Heisei era of films. These ones were all my favorites, and even the ones that didn’t make any sense were completely awesome. I’m looking at you, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

The announcement of classic Mega Man and Rush has gotten many excited, as well as the more recent announcement of Bass and Treble. I’m actually not too excited for these, since I’m more of an X fan, but it’s good to see someone out there doesn’t hate Mega Man like Capcom does!

Indeed, a huge stir was made over the announcement of Tyrannoranger from Zyuranger/the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Red Ranger, but now we’ve got a prototype of Dragonranger/Green Ranger to ogle over as well!! Yeah, I’m really hoping we see the whole team… I already sold off most of my vintage figures!

Somehow, I missed the announcement for the Android 18 Figuart from Dragon Ball Z? Yeah… I may have some interest in her. Of course, that would require me to actually get into these, and I don’t think my wallet can take it…

…especially after this stole the show.

Yes, that’s Naoko Takeuchi showing off the new SAILOR MOON Figuart for the new anime debuting next year! Yes, I’m hyped for this and I seriously hope we can get the whole team. All I gotta say is, it’s about damn time.

My wallet cries out in agony at seeing some of these figures. Remember, if you’re ever interested in them, be sure to talk to anyone at FPNYC about getting them in stock!!

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Clix Clix Boom

by Chris Troy

Hey there FPNYC faithful, were you aware that Forbidden Planet has a small, yet awesome gaming section? Not of the video game variety (like there’s a shortage of Gamestops in Manhattan), but TCGs like Magic:The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon? Try as I might, I could could really never get into them, mostly because I was terrible at them, and a severe lack of interest in the subject matter, Pokemon excluded. However as you’re all well aware by now, super-heroes are my jam, and if you make a game involving them, I’ll care to some extent. Enter: Heroclix, a highly addicting game using minatures instead of cards, based on some huge nerd properties relevant to my interest, as well as some of your’s too (unless you’re just here for Loran’s robot articles)!

Topps (yes the baseball card people) originally held the license for Heroclix, but after a few years, gave it up. NECA (of Video Game Selects fame) under the Wizkid label they bought from Topps,  gave the line a 2nd chance on the market and the expansion waves they’ve put out since have been best-seller for the company. NECA is one of the few companies that holds both the Marvel AND DC license, so both universes are compatible for play, meaning you can have the World’s Finest team of Batman and Superman fight Spider-Man and Thor, or make a powerful team consisting of the JLA and Deadpool. Continue reading

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Of Brightest Day and Pokemon

By Chris Troy

I’ll be honest. Aside from Diamond on the DS, I really haved played too many Pokemon games since the original red/blue for the OG, moose-killing size Gameboy (EDITOR MORGAN’s NOTE- Now I feel old. Back in MY day we had the of strained-peas colored original GameBoy that could kill THREE meese. And instead of Pokemon games, we had only sadness). On my best day, I could name about 100 of em, let alone attempt to catch them all. The franchise has endured for 15 years, selling well, and has been a constant staple of the US manga/anime/video game community. It has populated toy shelves as well, which means Forbidden Planet has a large selection of Pokemon toys and model kits based on the Black & White installments of the series currently in stock. To the left is a stock photo of Water starting type Oshawott, who aside from being CUTE AS HELL, reminds me of Achewood’s Philippe, an adorable Otter in his own right. I’m not sure if Oshawott’s attack set includes both the “Hello” and “Hug” moves, but then again he doesn’t spend most of his time hanging out with a speedo-wearing cat named “Raymond Smuckles”. Anyway, there’s a variety of pokemon plushies/cards/figures/manga currently in stock, as well as three hardcover Achewood collections from Dark Horse,  so if either of these otters interest you, come by and check them out! Continue reading

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Guess Today was a Good Day. Also, Meowth & Pikachu Ice Cream

meowth_pikachuThis is what I’m reduced to to keep the Daily Planet daily these days… Links to and pics of Pokemon-shaped ice cream scoops, incorporated with references to moderately-forgotten and totally off-topic but nonthe less pertinent songs by Ice Cube in the face of a schedule so hectic as to make a Marine tuckered out by dawn while trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life.  I’m not kvetching so much as exposing what random geeky crap runs through the mind of a happy FP manager.

And it was, very much so, a good day.

‘Specially cuz I didn’t have to use my AK.

Cuz, like, I never do.

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Hello/Goodbye: New Release Manga Comes and Goes

By Mat K.

So, the title for this weeks article is fairly self-explanatory. This week we say farewell to a title as it’s final issue is here, and then we welcome a new title by a couple of your favorite creators. Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation ends in a blast this week with Volume 18. If you all remember from the last volume everything hit the fan and every able body went to the Magic Law School in Europe that had been overrun by ghosts, and one of those ghosts was sucking the energy out of all the major Magic Law users, oh, and Muhyo could not keep his eyes open and kept falling into a deep sleep.In this final issue Muhyo has finally woken from his long slumber, but will his prodigious display of power be enough to stop Vector? Moreover, will Muhyo and Roji be able to keep it together when it seems like everything and everyone is threatening to drag the duo apart?

Now for the new kid on the block. With Tsugumi Ohba writing and Takeshi Obata drawing, (that’s right, the same guys who teamed up to bring you Death Note), bring us Bakuman, which is in a completely different gear than their first series. Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun. When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga-creating duo. But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga-publishing world? I know, it sounds almost autobiographical, but you know that old saying: write what you know. This is definitely the kind of series all you aspiring manga artists out there can get in to. Forget those “How To Draw Manga” books, this is the good stuff. Continue reading

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Black Gods and Soul Eaters: Shonen and Gaming Manga

by Mat K.

Okay, before I get into the manga spiel for the week, let me start with talking about the new Pokemon set. As most of you Poke-Fans out there know, the new game “Heart Gold Soul Silver” is set to release. So of course there is the brand new card expansion bearing the same name. Just as with the first Diamond & Pearl set, the new Heart Gold Soul Silver features three new decks instead of just 2. The decks feature new awesome art editions of Meganium for the Growth Clash deck (grass and fighting), Feraligator for the Mind Flood deck (water and psychic), and Typhlosion on the Ember Spark deck (fire and electricity). Continue reading

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Week Of Awesome: Naruto, Pokemon Adventures and more!

By Mat K.

Why is this week so awesome? Well, it is the first week of February and Viz has decided its time once again to avalanche us with titles. And I mean that in a good way. First and foremost, Naruto Volume 47 is here, and you know you fans have been fiending for it. Pain is attacking Konoha and they’ve taken heavy damages. The toads are doing the best they can but it won’t be enough. Even Toad Sage Naruto can’t handle all the death and destruction, and no one can tell if it’s for better or worse when one more death causes him to sprout 8 out of his 9 demon tails.

The next heavy hitter coming in this week is Berserk Volume 33, as well as D Gray Man Volume 16, Knights Of The Zodiac (Saint Seiya) Volume 28 out of nowhere, and Pokemon Adventures Volume 5. And behold, its that time of the month for another 5 straight issues of One Piece. This week sees Volumes 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33 ending the Skypeia arc and beginning the Water Seven arc By the time Shonen Jump is done spitting out these One Piece books, it will officially surpass Naruto as the most amount of single issues on our shelves. Continue reading

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Bleach Kills Bacteria But Not Imaginary Monsters

By Mat K.

This is our special Pre-Christmas issue, which I know might sound like it’s coming late, considering you have been listening to Christmas music on the radio and watching Christmas shopping commercials on TV for weeks now, but I believe that the Christmas Spirit shouldn’t hit until December…or at least after Thanksgiving. And here we are. Besides, this is the first week of December, which as usual means a ton of stuff is coming out, and quite honestly some awesome stuff to boot.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 13Let’s start with updates. This is a huge week for Viz, and I would have made some remark about how every week is a huge week for Viz, but frankly, last week all but belonged to TokyoPop. But enough lamenting over wisecracks un-cracked, this week starts you off right with Bleach Volume 29, Legend Of Zelda Volume 8 (a.k.a The Minish Cap), and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 13. Oh and there are some Shojo Beat books and Viz Signature Series books coming in too…and a Pokemon. Continue reading

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