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More On The State of Comics…

Guillermo Del Toro, the brilliant director behind Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy feature films is an enigma. He loves comic books, but has no interest in working with them whatsoever.

Sure, he’s adapted the Hellboy books into movies with the help of comic book legend Mike Mignola. He’s also recently announced plans to create a Hulk TV show for Marvel…but why hasn’t he ever written a comic book?

-NOTE: I don’t think he has…he could have, but I can’t find reference on that…let me check.

NOPE, I see no proof lying on the ground outside of my cave that he has ever written a comic book…I just see a frozen squirrel and three feet of snow…and that one snow shoe I found in the forest that I tried to eat. And I broke a tooth. But I digress.

WHY does it matter what the guy writes? BECAUSE of one simple statement he made some time ago and also because of A) recent statements at Conventions and B) the Spike Video Game Awards.

Let’s flash back: Guillermo stated publicly that he believes “video games are the comic books of our time.” He equates the struggle for video games to find acceptance in the mass media as art, as culturally relevant and as worth-while entertainment mirrors video games rise in accessibility, narrative accomplishments and appeal to kids.

Very good points. It should come as no surprise that Guillermo unveiled his brand new video game project on the Spike Network’s broadcast of their VGA show this past weekend. The game will be from THQ in 2013 and is called Insane. Continue reading

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