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New Manga: Oh My Susano!

By Mat K.

I know the title this week is a little dramatic, but there is practically nothing coming out this week. I know there was that one week a little while ago that absolutely nothing came out, but this is pretty damn close. That’s right, only five titles grace us with their presence this week, and two of them are yaoi books. Two other books are Viz books, and at least these two are long awaited releases. One of which is Takehiko Inoue’s Real Volume 9, and the other is Saturn Apartments Volume 2. So at least there are a couple things to look forward to, but lets be real, that is not enough to base this entire article on. Soooooo, time for a review week! The lucky title to earn this week’s spotlight is a book I never mentioned before, and came in under the radar a few weeks back called Tenken by Yumiko Shirai.

So apparently Tenken won the Japan Media Festival Arts Award and is coming to us via a small publisher called One Peace Books. I’ll let you bask in that for a second….okay, moving on. The book starts out telling the story of young Susano, the brother of Amaterasu. He was walking down a river and comes across an old couple who used to have many daughters, but a giant demon with 8 serpent heads comes every year and takes one of their daughters away, now they only have one left. Susano promises to save them and the daughter if they promise to make her his bride. They agree, so he get 8 vats of liquor, and 8 gates to place in front of the vats. When the serpent comes, it drinks the liquor, and passes out with each head in a gate. Susano then cuts off each head and wins. Now this is all on the intro page before you get into the actual manga. Continue reading

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New Comics and Great Stuff

SEEDLESS OGN, Corey Lewis (W/A), Image

I love cartoonist Corey Lewis, a.k.a. “the Reyy” even though he comes off as an arrogant, preening twerp. Check out his insufferably smug blog reyy.com and see what I mean. So much talent in such a scruffy mirror junkie.

Corey is a comic book pretty boy with a high energy, fast graphitti style he used like a razor on fan art for Transformers, Thundercats and you name it. Back in the Deviant Art days he’d post a new sketch in marker a day. You could buy them cheap or commission em’ at rock bottom prices. He was cute and prolific. He was a media darlin’.

A smart lad, he turned that attention into output. He’s done some great work in the past: Street Fighter back-ups called Chop-Socky in the classic Udon Street fighter II comic, a fairly entertaining graphic novel about volley ball called Ping! and the crown jewel in his productivity: Sharkknife, the Scott Pilgrim-esque “We all live in a video-game” comic book about a sushi chef with a fantastic alter ego that came out WELL before Scott Pilgrim hit the scene. Continue reading

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