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Because I’m always right-Best comics of 2012

I would like to start this article off by “publicly” thanking those friends of mine who purchased a plethora of games via Steam for me this past Christmas. You’re given me an excuse to continue half-assing it via “Best of” articles.

2011 wasn’t a bad year for comics, but 2012 seems to be one for the records. We’ve had comic movies dominate the box-office for awhile, but nothing performed as well as Disney/Marvel’s Avengers film, shattering records globally. Marvel also found great success with Avengers vs X-men sales, which lead into the Marvel NOW! initiative, which has been pretty swell so far. DC saw a ton a creative/editorial problems, but dominated sales for most of the year. Image released a ton of new creator-own series, many to critical acclaim and solid sales, while the Walking Dead solid well, and dominated TV ratings. Overall comics sales have increased, and it seems 2012 is ending on a high note in terms of comics news. It’s good times all around, and now it’s time to celebrate the best of best of 2012.

It’s been awhile since a non-Buffy licensed comic book sold well and made comics news headlines, but 2012 saw at least 2 series based on licensed promises deliver quality and profit. My wife pulls both kaBOOM’s “Adventure Time” and IDW’s “My Little Pony” on-going series, and for good reasons-they’re really good. Both companies have assembled all-star creative teams consisting of web/indy-comics creators who obviously love these properties, and deliver some genuinely good all-age comics. And sales have shown that the shows respected fandoms are embracing these books, given how well their sold. Both series are worth picking up, assuming you can find them on shelves!

DC did an excellent job of trying to get me to not read their books in 2012, as they did a fine job on shitting on a lot of creators and characters I like and respect, but I’m not above admitting they released some fine books -Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Saucer Country, American Vampire, The Unwritten and Hellblazer were all solid comics. But in terms of being the best, the Dark Knight stands above them all, as Snyder/Capullo’s Batman was ridiculously good. A treat on every level, it’s one of the best book available on the market, not to mention one of the most disturbing. Snyder’s future “Wake” partner-in-crime Sean Murphy also debuted “Punk Rock Jesus” in 2012, and it’s a visual trip. The writing’s solid too, don’t get me wrong, Murphy is putting out one of the best-looking books out there. If you’re not pulling the single issues, make sure to buy the eventual trade day 1.

I’m gonna go ahead and give Image my nod as best publisher for 2012 and 2013. It kills me that the book I’m going to name as my pick of year doesn’t come from Image, especially with the year they had. Robert Kirkman had 3 great books on the market, the Rob Liefield’s Extreme “relaunch” produced some amazing books like “Prophet” and “Glory”, and there were great break-out hits like “Mind the Gap” and anything written by Johnathan Hickman. But for me at least, it came down to Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips’ Noir-Lovercraft series “Fatale”, which sales warranted it to go from a mini to an on-going and Brian K Vaughn/Fiona Staples’ “Saga”, which is amazing. No seriously, amazing is the only way to describe this book and do it justice. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

But in the end, I’m going with Marvel’s Hawkeye, but Matt Fraction and David Aja (and Javier Puidos). Not only is it Marvel’s best book, it’s arguably the best book on the market. Everyone brings their A game to this title, which is super accessible thanks to little to no continuity concerns, and each story only being a issue to 2 long. While Staples’ art is incredible, Aja is also doing some career defining work, and doing some panel work unmatched by anyone else in the business today. You can totally make a valid argument for Saga, being the book of the year, and it would be hard to argue otherwise, but Hawkeye oozes so much charm it isn’t even funny. Right Clint?

Book of the year folks!

Enjoy the rest of 2012 FP Faithful! I’ll be back next week to pimp out some stuff you can’t buy anywhere yet! THANKS PREVIEW POSTS!

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Living Dead Dolls: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

"Will I be spared the wrath of God?" "NEIGH!"

Just in time for Halloween (and with the predicted Mayan end-times less than two months away: hurrah!), FPNYC is carrying Living Dead Dolls Presents: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Based on symbolic figures of doom and destruction from the first four of the biblical Seven Seals, these guys are basically My Little Revelations, each sporting a curled right fist to grip an apocalyptic hobbyhorse. Clearly, eschatons of fun for the whole family (or, at least, adult collectors with a taste for creepy things). I’ve bought all four, which are currently perched on my bookshelves to glare at any guests who might visit my apartment.

My Little Apocalypse: Friendship is Tragic

The first of the four, biblically speaking, is Pestilence on a white horse (pictured at left with Grace of the Grave and Revenant). At first glance, judging by the tricorne hat and beaked white mask, I thought he appeared to be a Venetian carnival character, but he’s actually an adorable li’l plague doctor! During the era of bubonic plague, “doctors” with often-limited medical knowledge wore these foreboding costumes—consisting of broad-brimmed hats, long reinforced overcoats, and birdlike masks—while on duty among plague victims, both to guard themselves against disease and warn healthy folk that death was near. The mask’s eyes were inset with glass, its beak stuffed with aromatic herbs to blot out the stench of decay: this one, though, is hollow and made of plastic. Lift it up and you’ll notice Pestilence is missing an eye under his mask amid several festering plague sores. Aww, how cute.

No cooties here.

War, on a pissed-off-looking red horse, combines elements of military garb from various eras: the chainmail uniform of a Crusader with the camo pants and combat boots of a contemporary US soldier plus a WWI-style gas mask, which he’ll presumably need after the world has been overrun with all that plague. The gas mask’s design has been borrowed from that of Toxic Molly from series 9 (see photo: on right), though with slightly different fabric. Underneath it, he’s got a fierce little face streaked with war paint. Though I wish Mezco had kept the helmet shown in the prototype version, War is probably my favorite of this set.

Fashion victims.

Next up is Famine on a black horse (pictured with Envy from series 6). Famine is depicted here as a screaming green-skinned girl wearing cowboy boots and slanted bangs, with a skeletal-print dress and painted-on sunken cheekbones to demonstrate how emaciated she is from Armageddon-level hunger. I wasn’t that big on this doll—at least compared to the others, alongside whom she looks anachronistically modern (even Williamsburg-worthy, if she had a slightly different color scheme)—though the detailed skeleton print of her costume was a nice touch.

Death loves you THIIIS much.

Last is Death on a “pale” horse (which features the same skeletal design as Famine’s black horse, something I found a bit lazy). Fourth Horseman Death appears more ragged and medieval than the velvet-robed scythe-wielding Grim Reaper-style Death from series 15 (pictured at right). This little guy takes the form of a dingy skull cloaked in threadbare rags: clearly he’s already been getting down to business (that is, the business of slaughtering a massive amount of the earth’s inhabitants). Definitely a solid item for weirdos like me who love anything memento mori-related.

Each of the LDD Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is currently available at FPNYC, both in-store and online. You can also pick up the bloody-mouthed Christmas-themed Living Dead Doll toy soldier!

"Hey, buddy! Wanna play chess?"

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SDCC Preview Post

HOLY CRAP, WE’RE MOVING APPARENTLY!  There, consider that an early reminder. I’ll try to not to mention it again until after it happens and grand-opening things have been announced.

Anywho, happy post 4th of July everyone, hope you all enjoyed the holiday/”Amazing Spider-Man,” which I thought was neat. Definitely not a perfect film, nor as good as “The Avengers“, it could have been a ton worse. Remember “Spider-Man 3”? Yeah…..that, and Emma’s Gwen was 10000X better than Kristen’s Mary Jane. That being said, it’s July, which means one thing. SAN DIEGO COMIC CON? WILL I BE THERE, DELIVERING ALL OF THE LATEST NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS? NOPE, CAN’T AFFORD IT. WILL I LIST A BUNCH OF SWEET EXCLUSIVES THAT I WANT, AND WILL HOPEFULLY MAKE IT TO OUR STORE LIKE LAST YEAR? YUP, SURE WILL!

Let’s start off with DC Comics. Obviously they’ll have a lot to offer, what with “Dark Knight Rises“, the New 52, Before Watchmen, and their Cartoon Network programming. Expect to see a Gotham Siren/Polly Pocket set, a Tiny Titans figurine box set, and a plethora of exclusive DKR toys. What I’m most excited for is on the left: the new line of Convention Exclusive 3.75″ action figures from DC Collections (formerly known as DC Direct) featuring 2 Green Lanterns, and the much taller Death figure from the same company. Both will retail for about $25, but given how Kyle Rayner, Kilowog, and Death are ALL fan-favorites, they’re definitely a steal at that price compared to how much they’ll be going for post-show. Plus the Lanterns are in scale with the Marvel Universe figures, which means Kyle and Kilowog can team up with a different breed of Guardians… Continue reading

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