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New Manga Releases: Enter The Blue Period

By Mat K.

So, we have a nice medium sized week happening this time around with a few exciting releases that people have been waiting for. First, let’s talk about the new Gantz. Volume 11 of Hiroya Oku’s fantastic sci-fi gore fest starts a whole new era in the series. The end of Volume 10 introduces us to these people who develop psychic abilities, now Kei’s been dealing with a handsome schoolmate who seems obsessed with all things Gantz, and in volume 11, we’ll find out how frightfully obsessed this guy is. It’s a whole new world of Gantz’s alien urban warfare, and things are certainly not settling into any kind of comfort. Oh, and since anyone reading this in the flier can’t actually see it, Volume 11 also switches us over from the red season into the blue period. I’m not exactly sure what it means or what it will entail, maybe Volume 21 will be the green era, but it just seemed pretty cool to bring up, since we have gotten used to seeing them all in red.

Also, a quick note this week on the spectacular, the Kodansha Edition of Akira finally releases the Volume 2 reprint, and it is about time! The reprints were delayed long enough in the first place, and there was great joy and cheer when the first volume made the shelves. Although that was way back in October. The poor fans have been waiting 8 months for the second volume, and now you can finally unclench. Continue reading

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