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Return To Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 1 Release Party!


Celebrate the release of Return To Nuke ‘Em High Part 1 on blu-ray and DVD. Meet Director Lloyd Kaufmam as well as the cast and crew, right here at FPNYC! Get your Tromabillia signed for free! Really what more could you ask for?


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Win Tickets to “LOCKOUT”

Email LockOut@fpnyc.com to enter our raffle to win a chance to see Luc Besson’s new sci fi film “LOCKOUT!”

Prize pack includes a pair of run of engagement passes

(passes begin on Monday 4/23), a t-shirt, & more!

Starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future,
LOCKOUT follows a falsely convicted ex- government agent (Pearce),
whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission
of rescuing the President’s daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at
an outer space maximum security prison.

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Ticket Giveaway!!

Forbidden Planet is excited to partner with Variance Films and Well Go USA to offer 3 pairs of tickets to see “Let The Bullets Fly!”

Just email letthebulletsfly@fpnyc.com by February 28th for your chance to win!!

1920’s China is a lawless land. Corrupt government officials buy and sell their positions, while marauding gangs of bandits roam the countryside. One of the most feared is the Mah-jongg Gang, led by the infamous and hyper-intelligent Pocky Zhang (Jiang Wen, In The Heat of the Sun).

Zhang and his gang execute a routine train robbery, but find the train doesn’t contain any silver, just a petty con artist, Tang (Ge You). Tang is on his way to Goose Town, where he’s bought himself a position as governor- which he plans to use to bilk as much as he can from the citizens as he can before moving on to the next town. Desperate to survive, Tang convinces Zhang that if he will spare him, Zhang can assume the position of Governor instead… and with Tang as his counselor, he can make more money in a month than a he could in a year’s worth of train robberies. Zhang, intrigued and looking for a break from the road, accepts.

They arrive at Goose Town, but find that the entire town is already firmly under the iron rule of the wealthy Master Huang (Chow Yun Fat, The Killer, Hard Boiled), whose charming exterior conceals a ruthless, conniving crime lord. Huang and Zhang immediately sense the threat the other poses, and begin an escalating series of hyper-violent (and often hilarious) mind-games, while the devious Tang tries to play both sides.

The stakes quickly rise to ludicrous proportions in masterfully vicious action-comedy filled with Machiavellian double- and triple-crosses, razor-sharp wordplay, and hundreds of thousands of bullets. The rare international comedy that translates perfectly, China’s highest-grossing domestic film of all time will have you laughing and cringing, often at the same time.

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The New Additions to the Dark of the Moon Family

by Loran

It’s almost time, dear readers. The new Transformers film, “Dark of the Moon” makes its debut in North American theaters on July 1st. But what would the movie be without the toys? Yep, those are even closer, with a street date of May 16th. Many retailers have actually broken the street dates, throwing the toys on the shelves a few weeks ahead of schedule. I can’t quite say I’ve been all that lucky, though. I guess people in Massachusetts really adhere to what they read on the box. Ah well, not that it matters. It’s almost tiiiime!

Now, I wanted to take a look at the two new types of Transformers toys we’ll be seeing with the new movie: The Cyberverse Action Series and the Human Alliance Basics, two sublines that build on concepts started by the previous movies and beyond. Continue reading

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Reboot Movie Fail

By your lovable old pal, Unkiedev

Hollywood movie producers would steal the liver out of a newborn baby if they thought it could turn a profit. If the taste of the day was mutants punching people’s grandmothers in the face they’d release a 12 disk DVD box set. Heck, for two cents they’d throw you and everybody you know into a giant blender just to get extra footage for “Saw 7.”

They aren’t nice and they aren’t your friends…but this time they’ve really gone too far. They have birthed a pig with two faces and they think we are so gullible we shall hail it as the second coming if they nail it to a cross.

And what is this evil I’m speaking of? What diabolical sin have they transgressed, placing a proverbial straw on the backs of our already weakened camels?

They’re making a CGI “Yogi Bear in 3-D” movie “staring” Dan Aykroyd as Yogi and Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.

Put simply, this movie is the death of American culture. Continue reading

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