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Tamashii Nation 2012 Part 1 Arts!

Tamashii Fest is here yet again!!

It seems every year Bandai shows off some really awesome stuff at Tamashii fest and you have to wonder how they can outdo themselves. Somehow, they manage to find a way. This year’s Tamashii Fest has been filled with some of the same stuff we’re used to, plus some absolutely fantastic new surprises. I’ll be splitting things up into two reports, one for robots; one for the various *Arts lines. I’ll be covering just the stuff I’m interested, so if you want to see the full spread, you’ll have to check out Bluefin Distribution/Tamashii Nations USA’s Facebook page.

Also remember that everything here is an item that MAY come out. For every five or so toys that do see the light of day, one always ends up in release hell, like Master Asia.

This part will cover the various *Arts figures that have been displayed.

To start off, we’ve got a ton of the other Riders from Kamen Rider Ryuki! Yeah, I bet everyone who bought the Figmas feels really silly right now (I am one of such people). Odin, Ouja, Zolda, Femme, Tiger, Scissors, and Knight Survive were all on display. I own the Figmas of Ouja, Zolda, and Femme, but honestly, I might grab the figuarts, too, just because I like the designs that much, especially Ouja. Ouja is just too cool.

One of the big, crazy, totally out-of-left-field announcements were the D-Arts for Pokémon! Yeah, nobody saw these coming. We know Mewtwo (with bonus Mew) is coming out for sure, but Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are up in the air for now. Chances are, they’re waiting on how Mewtwo’s sales go. Honestly? This figure is so cool I might have to get one for myself. Just look at the TAIL. I see Pokémon having a pretty bright future under the D-Arts brand.

Sadly, Bluefin did not have pictures of the three final form starters…

While I haven’t bought any or really talked about them much, Bandai gets ALL MY RESPECT for announcing a Monster Arts of Biollante from the second Heisei Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Biollante. People tend to forget about that one, sadly. It’s far from the best, but certainly not the worst. I just love how most of the Monster Arts figures have been from the Heisei era of films. These ones were all my favorites, and even the ones that didn’t make any sense were completely awesome. I’m looking at you, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah.

The announcement of classic Mega Man and Rush has gotten many excited, as well as the more recent announcement of Bass and Treble. I’m actually not too excited for these, since I’m more of an X fan, but it’s good to see someone out there doesn’t hate Mega Man like Capcom does!

Indeed, a huge stir was made over the announcement of Tyrannoranger from Zyuranger/the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Red Ranger, but now we’ve got a prototype of Dragonranger/Green Ranger to ogle over as well!! Yeah, I’m really hoping we see the whole team… I already sold off most of my vintage figures!

Somehow, I missed the announcement for the Android 18 Figuart from Dragon Ball Z? Yeah… I may have some interest in her. Of course, that would require me to actually get into these, and I don’t think my wallet can take it…

…especially after this stole the show.

Yes, that’s Naoko Takeuchi showing off the new SAILOR MOON Figuart for the new anime debuting next year! Yes, I’m hyped for this and I seriously hope we can get the whole team. All I gotta say is, it’s about damn time.

My wallet cries out in agony at seeing some of these figures. Remember, if you’re ever interested in them, be sure to talk to anyone at FPNYC about getting them in stock!!

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D-Arts Mega Man Zero version 2 Review

Also known as Zero: WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOR edition.

This toy PROVES how much of a sucker I am. Yes, I bought X-1 Zero. Yes, I LOVE my X-1 Zero figure. But… but see, this one is the one from the other games! Yeah! I mean that TOTALLY justifies this purchase right?

Oh, who am I kidding, I just bought him because…

Yeah, it’s Zero again. Now with a new figure. Honestly, if I knew they were going to make this one in the first place I probably just would have waited. Overall he has more to offer, but in my opinion neither version of Zero is better than the other when it comes to accessories. I’ll get to that later, though.

In a strange way, the two figures kind of… complement each other. Like you need both of them in order to get the full experience of either toy. Remember how the first version of Zero had those hands that looked like he was giving a thumbs-up? Well, it turns out those are actually to hold the sword. It’s like Bandai was planning this all along! Sneaky.

Both figures have three faces, and while  the “default” faces are the same, the additional ones are different. Version 1 has teeth gritting and looking to the side, while version 2 has yelling and one that’s both gritting his teeth AND looking to the side. Of course, they’re all interchangeable.

The hair piece is the same between both figures. I don’t know why, but I’m still afraid I’m going to break it somehow… Also, the gem on his head is much shinier on the new figure.

From an articulation standpoint, the two are largely the same BUT version 2 has better shoulders. The design has more clearance, thus giving him a better range of movement. However, this comes at somewhat of a price, as they tend to pop out much easier now. Still, point goes to the new one.

One of the biggest advantages the new figure has is the removable parts: they don’t come off! Or at least, they stay on better on this version. This is great. He feels so much sturdier now; like I can actually play with him without him falling apart. Even the elbow guard on the right arm feels sturdier when you take it off to swap out his hand for the buster. It’s always good to see improvement. Continue reading

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Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day for 2012!

Forbidden Planet NYC will be giving away bags containing one of each Free Comic Book Day comic that we receive, as well as a coupon for purchases both in-store and online! These are on a first come, first served basis, so ARRIVE EARLY! All-Ages bags will also be provided so that comics fans young and old can enjoy Free Comic Book Day. Once we give out all complete bags we will then distribute any remaining FCBD comics at our discretion. PLUS, we may also have some unannounced stuffs to give away as well.

These goodie bags go fast, so once again: ARRIVE EARLY!

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D-arts Mega Man X Review

By Loran

You know how I said I wasn’t a big comic book fan as a kid? Weeeell, the same could sort of be said towards a lot of video games. I have a Playstation, yes, but I didn’t have nearly as many games as some of my friends did. I never had a Nintendo system aside from the Game Boy and its descendants. But there was one character I always took a bit of an interest in… and it wasn’t through the games. It was a certain cartoon series that turned me onto him.

Yeah. The 90’s Mega Man cartoon. It was hokey as all hell, but I liked it. I actually got an original copy of Mega Man X and played through most of it a few months ago.

You can bet I was excited when this guy got announced. Continue reading

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Pirates, Robots & Ghosts! Oh my!

By Mat K.

In case you guys out there have not been keeping up with the new releases on our website, you have to know that there is a lot going on this week. It is the first week of the first month of summer, and that means all the good stuff is pouring out. Of course this week was also Memorial Day, which brings me to one sad point of contention, that all these books get one less day in the spotlight than if it was a regular week. Now, as for the title of this weeks little article there is just that much stuff coming out, not to mention demons, ninjas, vampires, doctors and soul reapers. That’s right, all the big names come out this week and while lots of them may well be Viz titles, not all of them are.

Lets start with, once again, a massive influx of One Piece in the way of volumes 49, 50, 51, 52, and 53. In this run we bust out of the Thriller Bark story line and into Sabaody, where Luffy saves the Straw Hats from Gecko Moria. Also arriving are Bleach Volume 31 in which the journey in Hueco Mundo to save Orihime continues, and Naruto Volume 48 where Naruto has a heart to heart with the real Pain, and you learn about Pain’s history, how he was an orphan in the ninja wars, and how he and his friends were watched over and trained by Jiraiya. Continue reading

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Mega Man Remix In ‘Da Mix!

By Mat K.

That’s right boys and girls, the real Mega Man Manga finally comes to the states courtesy of Udon Comics and Manga-ka Hitoshi Ariga. You all might remember Mega Man NT Warrior the Manga, and I know all the new kids these days got a kick out of it, but to anyone who remembers the old cartoon, and used to put cardboard tubes on their arms pretending it was a blaster, this is the real Mega Man. Featuring of course Doctor Light (the good doctor), Doctor Wily (the bad doctor), Roll (Mega Man’s sister), Rush (that’s his dog) as well as the bad boss robots you know and love. I know I’m a little bit thrilled about it.

And I would just like to take a moment to poke fun at the names of all the robot masters. Of course the naming was spot-on and overly simplistic, but how can you not love names like Heat Man, Spark Man, Quick Man, Flash Man, Top Man, Hard Man, and Wood Man (vulgarity aside, I always thought to wooden robot was some weird oxymoron). Of course there are plenty more in this volume alone, which just goes to show how awesomely jam-packed it is. Continue reading

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