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Restocked merchandise and New Marvel Releases!

By Christopher Troy

Let me start this article off by saying thank you to the 4 of you who actually read these posts. I know people do, because whenever I bring up a Figma or Revoltech or something super rare on the website, it’s off the shelf a week later. Good hustle readers, an extra point if an elbow was thrown to secure said item in the process. Both of those TTGL Revoltechs I mentioned a few weeks ago are gone, as is that War Machine figure I covered! Mari sadly remains on the shelf (Asuka fans made sure to grab that Figam right quick), but Eva 2.22 is now on DVD and Blu Ray, which we have in stock and you should buy, as well as the first Eva rebuild movie. Go buy. Go buy now! And speaking of Gainax, we now have the Gurren and Lagann 2-pack Revoltech¬† in stock, and much like every other TTGL Revoltech¬† I’ve talked about, it’s great, it’s a little over $30, and it’s worth the money! (My Gainax bias showing yet folks?) Unrelated to the anime but related to merchandise I’ve written about, we now have the 1st series of Dissidia Trade-Arts in stock, so if want some figurines based on a Final Fantasy that’s come out within the last decade, here’s your chance. Continue reading

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