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VHS Goes To Camp @ Nitehawk Cinema Thursday Sept. 22nd

Thursday September 22nd 9:30 PM VHS Goes To Camp at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema

VHS Vault has shed its suit for a more rustic look as VHS Goes To Camp… Camp Motion Pictures that is.  So pack a knapsack full of tapes and fresh drawers cause what we have in store will make you pitch a tent.  Nitehawk Cinema is our stomping ground while Wild Eye Releasing and Horror Boobs will be your fearless leaders on an analog expedition into Alternative Cinema’s Basement.  Our troupe will engage in a celebration of Alternative Cinema’s Big Box VHS/DVD set The Basement that will consist of an array of classic trailers and exclusive clip shows.  Then you have a chance to earn your VHS merit badge as the Horror Boobs crew puts your knowledge to the test with another fun filled games show with a double D sized bag filled with prizes and giveaways thanks to all the sponsers. Finally we’ll all gather round the camp fire as director Gary Cohen tells us a tale or two about his 1987 classic Video Violence as we screen it straight off VHS. The event is totally free and you can picnic right on site thanks to Nitehawk’s full bar and restaurant.  Get to know the other campers through encouraged tape trading. We’ll meet at 9:30 PM sharp… last one there gets the bottom bunk!

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg Brooklyn

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video of one of the past VHS Vault events  courtesy of Paul from VHSCollector.com

YouTube Preview Image

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VHS Goes To College @ Nitehawk Cinema 8/25/11

Thursday August 25th VHS Goes To College @ The Nitehawk Cinema
Get pepped for the second installation of VHS Vault: VHS Goes To College! Featuring a night full of programming straight from the A.V. Club’s personal collection. On Thursday, August 25th, Nitehawk Cinema, Wild Eye Releasing, Horror Boobs and Lunchmeat Magazine team up to blow your heads… tape heads that is.

The VHS Vault unlocks it doors at 9:30, but get there early to avoid a late slip. The day starts off in Homeroom where you’ll be subjected to a trailer show culled from the sleaziest of the school genre. Then prepare to learn a lesson from Lunchmeat as they host an educational clip show. Don’t worry if you forgot to pack a lunch, the cafeteria will be serving up some great food and drink specials. Make sure you brush up on your video knowledge — you’ll never get into college unless you do well on your VHSATs! Horror Boobs whips out another game show with great prizes you definitely don’t want to miss. The evening will culminate with the feature presentation of King Frat on the big screen!

Admission is FREE! Uniform is optional, but you’ll wanna look your best for the Pep Rally. And make sure to bring your back pack, filled with tapes. Trading is encouraged!
Be there… cause we’re taking attendance!
Thursday, August 25th 9:30 PM
136 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn

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“DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK” Ticket Giveaway!

Forbidden Planet NYC wants to give YOU a chance to see “DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK” at Regal E-Walk (42nd St. at 8th Ave., New York, NY 10036). We’re giving away 10 pairs of run-of-engagement-passes good Monday through Thursday for any showing of the film (excluding holidays). Passes are valid starting Tuesday Sept. 16th.

To enter, just reply to: BEAFRAID@fpnyc.com

10 random entries will be picked on Sept. 2nd!!!

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Destroy All VHS

Coming to Brooklyn this Sunday July 10th, Wild Eye Releasing and Nitehawk Cinema present an event to sate the  needs of any film freak.  This ain’t no retro throw back, this is the real deal!  Put your life on pause and prepare to Destroy All VHS!  Not literally, I hope… but you never know what might happen after a few drinks.

Destroy All VHS is a one of a kind event celebrating the greatest home video format ever invented… VHS!  At 10 PM the Play Button is pressed and the fun begins.  First your eyes will be treated to tons of trailers and home movies, then a VCR demonstration by every Videovore’s favorite VHS magazine, Lunchmeat, followed by a sexy/scary clip show by the Horror Boobs.

To top it off-  a showing of Friday The 13th The Orphan! If there was one reason to attend, it would be to catch this rare (never available on your schmancy DVD or Blew-ray format) forgotten classic. All  screened straight from the VCR so you can revel in the fuzz, blips, grain, scratches and screeches.  And if you got a problem with the way it looks get up there and fix the tracking yourself!

Did I mention that the Nitehawk Cinema rules?!  Well if I haven’t yet I did just now.  The theater’s located in Williamsburg Brooklyn just a few blocks off the Bedford Avenue L train stop.  That’s only one stop out of the city, giving you Manahattanites no real excuse.  They have a full bar and restaurant so you can get your drank and chomp on.  And the icing on the cake?  A VHS Museum, so you can soak in that beautiful Big Box art like a true trash connoisseur.

But wait there’s EVEN more…

Both Lunchmeat and Horror Boobs will have a merch table with magazines, T-Shirts, buttons, and most importantly TAPES!!!  I will personally be bringing a slew of crazy rare stuff for trade and sale.  Trades are obviously preferred!!!

One more time…

Destroy All VHS

Sunday July 10th, 10 PM

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See you there!

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Alan Robert Signing at Forbidden Planet, NYC July 22nd @ 6PM!

Come and meet artist, writer, and musician Alan Robert!

From his blog:

Life of Agony bassist/Wire Hangers creator, Alan Robert, will be kicking off the release of his new comic book series, Crawl to Me (IDW Publishing) with a special signing at FORBIDDEN PLANET (840 Broadway, New York, NY 10003) on Friday, July 22nd, 2011 at 6PM. Exclusive prizes will be given away in a random drawing! After the signing, come celebrate the launch at ANGELS & KINGS from 7-9PM (500 East 11th St., New York, NY 10009). A special guest DJ will be announced, spinning the best heavy music and don’t miss the Crawl to Me Cocktails!

CRAWL TO ME is a new horror comic book series published by IDW Publishing(30 Days of Night, Locke & Key, Zombies Vs Robots). Issue #1 hits comic shops on July 13th, 2011. For more information, visit crawltomecomic.com

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Fangoria resurrects Dead Format

Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I say Fangoria is the best genre magazine on the shelf?  I seriously read every horror related magazine that hits the shelves, from the old guy black and whites to the ultra glossy “high-brow” genre rags.  If its got a monster on it or in it I have to give it a shot. Now that gives me the right to say hands down for the last five months Fangoria has been the best magazine out there.  This past week saw the release of issue number 305 and it is no exception. Now you had me at the logo, but with a heavy focus on British Horror, a sweet merchandising of the Planet Of The Apes article, and a giant fold out Elvira poster, any self respecting genre fan would be a fool not to pick this up.

Now I have a little ritual when it comes to magazines.  I flip through every page and see whats on the platter before I dig in.  I like to take notice of little things like whether or not an article is still featured, or even their placement within the magazines.  Just one of my things.  Now while flipping through the new Fango, what do I come across on the very last page… Dead Format!  A brand new article by Kelly Forbes featuring horror films only available on VHS!!! Wizard Video’s Headless Eyes specifically in this issue. As a VHS collector and long time Fangoria supporter I just want to thank you guys for always giving me another reason to support my argument.  Fangoria is number one.   I found the article to be informative yet still accesible enough to entertain those of you who rely strictly on your fancy blew-ray players. Hopefully this mainstream exposure will help some of these lost classics find a place in the modern fans hearts and maybe even convert a few over to the darkside of  VHS collecting.

While we’re at it our good friends over at Fright-Rags just released some sweet Fangoria logo shirts.  Gotta get me that Gorezone one!

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Screw your Blew-Ray Player, VHS is alive and well… but should I really be hipping you to this,  or should I be hording all the info in fear of increased competition?  Of course I’ll let you in on it (not like anyone reads this anyway) and what better way to see the medium strive than by spreading the gospel.

“VHS is alive”, “Fear of competition”, you probably think I’m some paranoid nut job, but… Just to prove to you that I’m not some crazy Luddite (ok maybe just a bit, I still don’t own a computer) feast your eyes on this… www.LunchmeatVHS.com!!! Thats right baby, everyone’s favorite VHS themed magazine has gone all internety.  The fact that there is a magazine dedicated to the subject should be validation enough, but for those of you who get all your info through the computer and think print is just as outdated as VHS, the website should suffice.

I spent the better half of this past weekend with Lunchmeat’s Chief of Marketing John DeSantis and Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer.  They were supposed to be working on the new issue but if they didn’t get as much as they hoped done I take full responsibility…. but I will not apologize.  We did a lot of yang talking about the recent “VHS boom”, caught a midnight screening of Slumber Party Massacre at The Spectacle Theater, watched the insane video comp Brain Bludgeon, and of course did some serious VHS shopping.

I feel that I did a pretty good job proving that it will be a very long time before VHS becomes strictly a collectors market, that is if you know the right places to look.

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The Taint Screening and Dance Party this Friday 6/17/11

This Friday meet the filmmakers of one of the most insane films you’ll ever see… The Taint. Thank Brooklyn Fireproof for hosting a screening of one of my new favorite flicks. It’s filled to the brim with wild gore gags including more exploding penises than you could ever imagine, and unforgettable dialogue you’ll really weed out the P.C. types with. It’s a modern independent horror film that looks great and still gets the 80s cult vibe.  If you’re a fan of the new wave of modern exploitation like Hobo with a Shotgun and Rubber, The Taint is a must see.

Here’s the details:

Friday June 17th

Brooklyn Fireproof

119 Ingraham St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

9pm Doors and Reception
10pm First viewing
11:30pm Second Viewing

Music all night.

$2 for movie ticket
$5 for ticket + signed poster
$7 for ticket + sticker + poster
$12 for ticket + DVD
$15 for ticket + DVD + sticker + poster

I’m so excited to see this with a crowd of people. I’ve got the official T-Shirt from Rotten Cotton and I’ve been showing it to friends nonstop since I ordered the VHS, and the reactions on their faces are worth every penny.  I’m not kidding when I say this film will go down in genre history.


And no it’s not the second part in a three part series.

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Saturday Nightmares This Weekend!!!

This weekend at the Sheraton Meadowlands in East Rutherford New Jersey Saturday Nightmares returns!  I went last year and it was one of the best convention experiences I’ve ever had.

Worth checking out for The Twilight Zone marathon on the big screen alone.

One of my favorite parts of the Saturday Nightmares convention is the focus on actual film screenings.  So many conventions really blow this.  I’m personally looking forward to seeing The Birds on the big screen with an intro by Tippi Hedren and Q&A moderated by one of the most engaging personalities in the genre Roy Frumkes!

But I’m most excited about meeting Debra Gordon, who was in one of my all time favorite movies Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh.

Here are the details one more time…

Saturday Nightmare Horror and Sci-Fi Expo

June 2–5, 2011

Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel
2 Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

See you there!

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Witch Doctor #0

The new Image title Witch Doctor dropped this week as the flip side of Walking Dead #85.

So after reading the Walking Dead (which was another mind blowing issue) I was all hyped on reading this Witch Doctor.  As a horror enthusiast I love seeing new genre comics being released. Especially a non-zombie related one, no offense. Honestly it was great… and following Walking Dead ain’t easy. Bringing a real scientific slant to an established horror mythos is a fantastic original idea. l’m looking forward to seeing more monsters on the shelves thanks to Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner.

So pick up the new issue of Walking Dead! Even if it’s just for the Witch Doctor, give Walking Dead a read. It’s a great jumping on point.

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Gyo Gets Animated

Junji Ito’s wild horror manga Gyo is getting the anime treatment and I’m squirming with excitement!

Up until fairly recent I was only vaguely familiar with Ito’s work, mostly from the live action adaptation of Uzumaki and seeing his name on various books in the store.  That is until I picked up Gyo. Immediately blown away by every aspect of it I’ve been rabidly devouring any of his stuff that I can find. The setup is simple yet so original and unforgettable… Fish grow legs, come out of the water and start taking over the land.  Now I’m not talking about smart talking fish people devising a world conquering plan. I’m talking about a massive amount of stupid fish, all types of fish, small fish, big fish, red fish… you get it…fish with legs that simply force the humans out due to strength in numbers and stench for that matter.

After getting about half way through the first volume I began to wonder why this was never adapted into a live action film like some of Ito’s other work like Uzumaki and the Tomie series.  I’ll settle for an animated version, but hopefully it generates enough interest for a live action Gyo.

Seriously though who wouldn’t want to see a real land shark!

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B-Horror Art Show at MF Gallery

Grab your self a fresh pair of underwear cause those cool cats from MF Gallery are hosting an awesome B-Horror themed art show that will make you crap!  Some good friends of mine (who just so happen to be killer artists) like Michael Nirenberg and Kirsten Flaherty are involved so show your support. Here’s a link to the facebook page for the event. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107917399294363

MF Gallery

213 Bond St. (b/w Butler & Baltic)
Brooklyn, NY

“B-HORROR” Group Art Show at MF Gallery

Opening Party Saturday May 14th 7-10pm

Lawrence Van Abbema, Bill Blood, Daniel Caspera, Nathaniel Groppe, Kirsten Flaherty, Annie Hunter, Moses Jaen, Drew Maillard, Greg Maillard, Michael Nirenberg, Angel “Mud” Perez, Lou Rusconi, Martina Secondo Russo, Frank Russo, Chad Savage, Scarecrowoven, Dan Scheckler, FX Tobin, & More..

MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. (b/w Butler & Baltic) Brooklyn, NY 11217 (917)446-8681 info@MFgallery.net

Horror is a popular genre because it helps us come to terms with the darker side of human nature. But the films represented in this art show were not always appreciated by the general public; most were made on a shoestring budget and some were even completely shunned by the mass media. However, thanks to their uniqueness and creativity, these B-Movies have developed a strong following in the outsider subculture.

Demons, Evil Dead, Frankenhooker, Street Trash, Deranged, Basket Case, Mother’s Day, Astrozombies, Hobo With A Shotgun, Dead Alive, Squirm, The Stuff, Maniac, Dr. Butcher… These are just some of the movies in the B/Underground Genre that inspire us to create our most horrific artworks.

Join MF Gallery and a slew of horror enthusiasts, as we pay tribute to our favorite movies through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.

At the Opening Party on Saturday May 14th from 7 to 10pm, MF Gallery will be projecting a selection of our favorite Horror Movies of all time, accompanied by a Heavy Metal soundtrack. Refreshments will be served. Admission is Free and open to all ages.

“B-Horror” will be on view at MF Gallery until June 18, 2011, by appointment only. Contact Martina or Frank at (917)446-8681 or email: info@MFgallery.net to make an appointment to see the show. All of the art will also be available for viewing and purchasing online at:www.MFgallery.net

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. Take the A or G to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, (Exit at Schermerhorn and Bond. Walk South on Bond for 8 blocks.) the F or G to Bergen, (Exit at Bergen and Smith, walk 2 blocks east on Bergen. Turn right on Bond. Walk south on Bond for 3 blocks.) or the R to Union. (Exit at Union and 4th ave. Walk west on Union for 3 blocks. Turn Right on Bond. Walk North on Bond for 4 blocks.

For more information, appointments, to request high resolution images or to set up interviews, please contact Martina Secondo Russo at info@MFgallery.net or (917)446-8681.

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Black Devil Doll TONIGHT at Sunshine

Exploitation, Blaxploitation, Sexploitation, Horror and Comedy… you get all that and more with Shawn and Jonathan Lewis’ Black Devil Doll.  Head over to the Sunshine theatre tonight for a midnight screening of this modern cult classic.  I also heard that they’re giving away posters, buttons, etc… free crap is always a plus.  Click the header to check out their official site.

Heather thought that a Ouija board was nothing but an innocent child’s game. Little did she know, this child’s game would open a flaming door to hell and re-animate the soul of a recently executed black militant serial killer! With his spirit now trapped in the body of a trash-talking ventriloquist doll, Heather and her friends must fight off the unrelenting horrors and unspeakable deviant advances of a three foot killer with a taste for young flesh and warm blood. Can they stop the Black Devil Doll?

I truly love this movie. You can quote me on this: Black Devil Doll is one of the best movies of the last decade period.  True, this may not be for everyone, but it sure as hell was for me!

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Charlie Sheen killed by bear!

I thought I was pretty well versed in 80s horror schlock, especially films from the year 1987.  So believe me when I say my mind was blown when I came across Grizzly 2: The Predator, also known as Predator: The Concert.  I’m a big fan of the original Grizzly for the “it’s so bad it’s good” factor, but Grizzly 2 makes the original look like Jaws.

Grizzly 2 was never officially released, and never finished for that matter.  Sweet live footage of some great New Wave rock bands and early appearances by Charlie “The Wraith” Sheen, George “Return of The Killer Tomatoes“ Clooney, and Laura “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous StainsDern make this a must see.  I recently snagged a pretty well compiled work-print bootleg and obviously footage is all over the internet.

YouTube Preview Image

Spread the wealth.

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