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Roger Langridge

By Devin T. Quin

Welcome to the Cartoonist spotlight, where we all learn more about the charmingly deranged chaps and chapeaus who draw those funny books we like so much. This week’s installment features an immense talent who is finally getting the fame and recognition they deserve, none other than New Zealand transplant Roger Langridge!


Roger Langridge is currently the artists, writer, inker and mad thinker behind BOOM! Studios Muppet Show comic book, a position he is knocking out of the dang park! Originally born in the hobbit infested lands of New Zealand, Roger made the move to England infusing his already distinctive style with a love of absurd humor and an esthetics of times gone by.

Roger became an English cartoonist of note through the tried and true method: cutting his teeth on the U.K.’s toughest judge/jury/executioner Judge Dredd. American audiences where introduced to Roger through the pages of Art D’Ecco, the surreal, almost dadaesque black and white indie comic he drew with his brother Andrew tackling the writing chores. Continue reading

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