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Vita’s Last Tuesday Transmission.

On this weeks installment of the Tuesday Transmission we go over a bulk of the new releases, interview Burgess of the Druid Underground Film Festival, and say farewell to the wonderful Vita Ayala.

We will miss you Vita!

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Secret Adventures of Houdini Alterna Comics Edition EVENT

In addition to our Ron Wimberly and Noku November events, Forbidden Planet will be hosting another day of shenanigans with Secret Adventures of Houdini artist Sean Von Gorman… this one even BIGGER than the one we threw in March 2012.

Don’t remember that one?  Well here’s some video of it to refresh your memory and/or acclimate yourself with the fellow.  *Please note that the following takes place moments before the fuzz tried to shut us down, as it often looks criminal when a man is chained to a city light pole.
YouTube Preview Image
Wednesday November 21st (day before Thanksgiving) Sean will be caged (courtesy of humancages.com) in the front of our shop from noon until we sell out of the new edition of the book- signing copies for customers, performing tricks, taking abuse, doing interviews, running giveaways, and engaging all sorts of moderately insane tomfoolery.

Sounds like fun, no?

We’ll be LIVE on and off from the shop throughout event on our YouTube channel if you can’t make it and want to check in on our daring escape artist.  You can also pre-order signed books from our website for mail order.

If you are coming by be sure to get pick up a copy, have Sean sign it, and throw a plastic tomato at him for me!

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Matt and Jeff Live from the Forbidden Planet NYC Basement

Some goofs on our first take. The store’s wi-fi cut out for about five minutes, thus making us late for the 4pm Hangout On Air.  We missed a chance to have a prominent celebrity customer join us because of the delay in setting back up, and I still have a lot to learn about the minutiae of running these…

Still, Matt and I got it together and streamed the following, LIVE on a laptop to our Google+ and Youtube pages. The FPNYCTV Television network is on the air…

And about the Twitter and Facebook cards… Okay. Didn’t realize the audience could read ’em just fine. I can be a real dummy sometimes.

Next show Friday 9/14/12 at 7pm from the floor of the new FP.

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Forbidden Planet is on Google+

We are indeed on Google+. Come share wonderful, geeky stuff with us!

I’ll be Hanging out On Air at 4pm today… fingers crossed.  Still working out the logistics, but the plan is to chat from the new shop’s basement as we process this week’s shipment, discuss some of tomorrow’s new releases, make a really neat-o announcement  regarding a forthcoming graphic novel… and try not to be completely awkward as this’ll be LIVE!

If you’re not on Google+ you can watch a livestream of the Hangout on our YouTube channel, fptransmissions, and chat with us via Twitter (@fpnyc) throughout.

Trust me folks, this is the first step in a huge undertaking for us here at FPNYC.  There’s a lot more such content we’re going to be rolling out this fall.  I hope you’ll join us and enjoy.

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T-Shirts with Matt D and Jean Marie

This past Tuesday we didn’t get our UPS shipment till 2 o’clock.  Here’s what we did with the extra time.

YouTube Preview Image

In celebration of spring we wanted to spotlight some new shirts, and who better to help than Forbidden Planet’s own fashion expert, the recently made-over Jean Marie.  Also, Uncle Sam recently decided not to tax T-Shirts! USA all the way!

Thanks to Taylor White for putting this together!

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Talking Comics with Josh Weisbrod

If you’re a subscriber to FPNYC’s YouTube channel you’re familiar with a weekly segment that’s been running starring our colleagues Ruben Miranda and Josh Wesibrod discussing new release comics and graphic novels.  If you’re not familiar I recommend you check them out… The guys know their stuff, and share their genuine enthusiasm with the viewer with charm.

Ruben’s on the road this week and was unavailable to shoot, but Josh performed without his partner admirably, focusing on Darwing Duck #3, Dark Rain, and the new issue of one the FP staff’s favorite new series in years, Bulletproof Coffin.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy birthday, by the way, Josh.

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New Videos at FP Transmissions

A handful of new videos have been recently added to FP Transmissions, Forbidden Planet NYC’s video page, covering a broad range of our wares.  They’re worth a gander when you get the opportunity.

SEE Lindsay Johnson  discussing Manga in cat ears once again!

YouTube Preview Image

MARVEL at the unabashed geekery of Josh Weisbrod and Ruben Miranda as they spotlight Booster Gold and the revival of the 80s Justice League in Generations Lost!

YouTube Preview Image

…and more!!! New vids are being posted more often, so definitely subscribe to the channel and/or add us to your friends list.

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Playing With Toys 1/29/10

fptransmissions presents the first in a series of videos in which we demonstrate various toys we sell.  A wage slave from the FP toy department, the incomparable Mr. Alec Lewellyn, kicks things off.

WARNING! This episode is not for people who might be offended by Uglydolls faking orgasms.

YouTube Preview Image

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