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Transformers Generations: Thrust Review

By Loran

Ah, the Seekers… the classic backbone of the Decepticon army. What’s more fun than an army of nigh-identical jet guys to fill out the backgrounds of scenes and never get seen again? Sure, some of them get redemption later on, like Sunstorm and Acid Storm (both of whom seem to have set the precedent that all generic Seekers will named after weather from here on out), but most of them just fade in the background into obscurity. But hey, it’s nice to see the classic Seekers all have toys in the new style now, with just one more that needs a mass-release to round off the set (I’m looking at you, Thundercracker).

Thrust here was one of the three Conehead Seekers from the second series of toys, and here’s his new Generations remake from the first wave of figures. He’d already received two Classics-style figures in the past, one in the Botcon 2007 boxset and the other as a store exclusive in Japan. This figure uses the same parts as the latter mold, with a color scheme much closer to his animation model from the G1 cartoon, right down to the gray face.

Thrust comes in that awesome shade of maroon that he’s most known for. It looks great here, and out of the three Coneheads, I’d say he has my favorite color scheme. Ramjet’s too bland and Dirge looks like a flying station wagon. Sorry, it had to be said. The white accents are more pronounced than they were on the original figure and are very eye-catching. Possibly my favorite touch is the chrome inside the cockpit, a nice carryover from the Japanese version of the figure. Continue reading

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