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The debut issue of Superior Spider-Man makes it clear that Peter Parker Spider-Man is still swinging around in the mind of his body’s usurper, Dr. Otto Octavious. While we have no idea what crazy comics writer Dan Slott will do next, it is safe to say we shall see Peter Parker back in the driver seat of his own body sooner than later.

Meanwhile, over in the pages of Batman, the Joker has gathered the entire Bat-Family together for an awkward dinner party. Ole’ Strap-face is trying to make the point to Bruce that his emotional dependence to his crime-fighting partners is always going to slow him down.

A point he will surely try to make through death, namely the eponymous Death of the Family. Many will ask “Who will die?” A more jaded person might ask “Who will care?”
We can’t grumble about the short-term deaths of our comic book brothers and sisters. The crazy, never-say-die ups and downs of these fictional people’s lives are half the fun, am I right? I’m really looking forward to Mars Attacks the Transformers this week, and I wouldn’t give one Energon cube’s worth of dang if the Martians won!  In fact, I’m ROOTING for the Martians…they didn’t do so well agains Popeye, the Ghostbusters or Kiss, and I do like me an underdog.

DC hits the shelves running, with Justice League #16, Batwoman #16 and Green Lantern #16. Also up is the conclusion to the interesting experiment that was Before Watchmen, namely The Minutemen #6 of 6. Like many stories, some of the books were good, some were less than stellar. The question is, “Was this worth alienating fans and creators over?”
So what is the answer?
The Answer is a brand new book from Dark Horse hitting the shelves this week! Now as to whether squeezing the last blood out of Watchmen was worth it, that all depends on who you are. If you are Warner Brothers, absolutely. You now have a wealth of material you can mine when you want to create a prequel Watchmen movie.
Dark Horse will also be publishing two great books which, financially, will fit my wallet well.  Buffyverse sampler #1 is an incredible bargain; Four issues of the ongoing Buffy spin-off titles under one cover for the low price of $4.99! Take all that money you just saved getting four comics for the price of one and get ready to spend it. Dark Horse is publishing Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano’s brand new illustrated novel called Deva Zan, and while it is beautiful it sure ain’t cheap.
And then there’s some Marvel books out. You don’t really care about those guys, do you?

Deadpool #4 has Deadpool vs Zombie Lincoln (Ironic hipster “Yawn”) and FF#3 has Mike Allred art! Uncanny X-Force #1 is one of my most anticipated books of 2013, and the wait is over! On the flip side, the relaunch of Young Avengers could be awesome, but could be a terrible cash-grab. No expectations, peoples, lets dive on in!

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Portrait of a Bastich

Every character has a cycle of ups and downs, from times when they are ultra-hot and popular to times when they are forgotten, underused and unloved. Take for example this week’s reprint of DC’s Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich. THIS is a fun, nasty little book from back in the day when Lobo was the main man in comics, a “take no prisoners” crazy man who would kill anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

This role of “funny, crazy killer” is currently being filled by Deadpool (whom I think, for the first time in forever, DOESN’T appear on the cover of a single Marvel comic this week), but can you imagine a time a few years down the line when The Merc with the Mouth will seem hokey, old and dated?

When characters get to the bottom of the pile they become “Cult Favorites,” and some weird changes can take place.


DC has many more #0 issues from their new 52 line out this week, including Aquaman #0 and Red Lanterns #0. For many, Aquaman is the ultimate cult character, the plucky lord of the undersea who isn’t cool enough for the mainstream but commands the love of millions none the less. Red Lanterns has one of my favorite NEW cult characters, Dex-Starr, the adorable blood vomiting blue kitty cat of destruction!

IDW is the company built on giving some of our favorite characters from yesteryear a home! This week they have two new Joe books (G.I. Joe #182 and Snake-Eyes Ongoing #17) guaranteed to please the devoted followers of America’s daring, highly-trained special missions force. Top that off with new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Popeye, Magic: The Gathering, Transformers and John Byrne’s Next Men?! YOU GO, IDW!


You best believe I’ll be checking out the latest issue of Marvel’s Secret Avengers #31! It’s going to feature more STILT GIRL, the amazing new cult character so original that she is just Stilt Man (the obscure, dead Spider-Man and Daredevil villain who is just a bank robber on giant metal stilts) but now as a girl! IF we can sell out the entire run then we’ll be one step closer to getting that Stilt Man ongoing title we’ve been waiting for…so who cares that he’s dead?! We’ll just get Stilt Girl gender reassignment surgery and we’re in business!

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 is a safe title to check out for some fun, as we see what happens in a world which has elected a very high profile super-hero to the highest office in the land. There’s no way THAT could go wrong!


What a great week for comics! All our favorite cult (and not so cult) characters, PLUS a new issue of The Goon and a brand new book from Grant Morrison! Happy #1 hits the shelves from Image, and although the copy says it’s about a detective and a magic blue horse I couldn’t care less…it’s a new Grant Morrison book!

Some of us follow cult characters, some of us cult writers!

NEXT WEEK: We gear up for the fast approaching NEW YORK COMIC CON and probably prank phone call Steve Ditko!


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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Reprints for the Masses

Sometimes, the best way to look forward is by looking backwards through a rear-view mirror, or in other words, “Let’s talk about reprints!”


There would not be comic books without reprints. Heck, the very first comic books EVER were reprinted comic strips stitched together and sold on a magazine stand. Marvel and DC toyed through the ‘70s with book-sized editions of older comics, but it wasn’t until Watchmen that reprinting old stories became the norm. These “Graphic Novels” would usually get a hardcover edition and a softer trade paperback edition… now almost every run on a comic will get a “Trade” reprint somewhere down the line.


These days, reprinting comics can take a variety of forms. Take for example EERIE ARCHIVES VOL. 11, available this week from Dark Horse. Here we have an expensive and beautiful deluxe hardbound edition of ‘70s horror comics, featuring such standards as The Mummy and Mr. Hyde, reprinted for curious fans, hardcore completists and librarian archivists alike. Did you get that? A box of reprints of comics originally printed on crappy newsprint for 75¢ each is now painstakingly reproduced on beautiful archival paper for $49.99.

Then there is Batman Beyond Unlimited #8, a new comic from DC, which features three tales of a futuristic Batman which originally ran online. That’s right: It reprints something for $3.99 which has NEVER been physically printed, only published online for free.

It gets weirder.

You see, we also have Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, the trade reprinting the five-issue miniseries exploring the origins of Gotham’s most misunderstood tuxedo-wearing Gentleman of Crime. When these issues originally ran, they were about $2.99 each.  Three times five is $14.99, the same cost of the trade, but this trade edition also includes the single issue Joker’s Asylum: The Penguin, a fine feathered periodical originally retailing for $2.99.

So here we have a reprint giving you more of a great story you may have missed, or allowing you to have a “reader” or “lender” copy for your friends to read, saving the value of your original issues, OR allowing you to read it for the first time in one setting LESS than it originally cost.

(Here’s something fun to do: Google image search “Penguin Pride and Prejudice” and the majority of the stuff you will find shall be book covers from the publisher Penguin Books for the Jane Austin classic! I hope Elizabeth Bennet punches Batman in the face! BAM! ZOK! LOOK OUT, CAPED CRUSADER, here comes Mr. Bingley! KER-POW!)

Then there’s good ol’ Marvel…this week alone they have trades, archive editions and reprints of issues published months ago in case you missed them, such as Avengers Vs. X-Men reprints, The Evil Deadpool trade and GLOBS of other books.


With more and more comics moving online, or even debuting digitally, will comic book shops take over as reprint houses featuring paper versions of older material? What happens to libraries and other archival institutions as art becomes intangible?

Will we one day see a world where we step into a comic book shop to download single issues onto our tablets at discounted rates?

Who knows… and who cares? All I know is, I get to read about The Mummy, The Penguin, Batman and Deadpool this week! THANKS, Forbidden Planet!


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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The Hungover Games

By Chris Troy

There’s a bar  named “Bar None” near Forbidden Planet NYC that I like to frequent on a weekly basis. Since I’m going to be out of town the next 2 weeks due to PAX East/C2E2 related business, my friends I hit said bar last night, and as of writing, I’m super hungover as a result. So please do me a favor and blame any typos/grammatical errors on that, oppose to my usual stupidity. I did manage to stumble into FPNYC and picked up the new Warren Ellis penned “Secret Avengers” trade, as well as some mini-mates we’ll be looking at in a little bit though, so that was cool.

To the left is an image of the newest Bandai Figuart we have in stock. It’s the King of Heroes himself, Sky High from Tiger and Bunny, who is possibly my favorite character from the show, and is arguable the best SH Figuarts released to date. The  King of  Heroes is an awesome figure, and the sculptors captured the character’s great character design quite well. The color scheme looks good in PVC, and there’s a nice mixture of that, diecast and ABS parts to make the detail and designs pop out a lot. Sky High comes with so effects for his jet pack, and variant hands and retails for about $54. Worth the money if you’re a Tiger and Bunny fan, as he’s a huge step up from the previous Rock Bison release.

As I stated in the past, I’m a sucker for the Art Asylum/Diamond Select Minimate figures. We recently got in 2 sets that I’m highly amused by, do not taking up space at my work desk. There’s a 4 1/2 Deadpool Corp set, consisting of “our” Deadpool, the zombie Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Championpool and Kid Deadpool, which for some reason was not named “KiddiePool”. This set was a New York Comic Con exclusive, and is well worth the $20 it runs. Each ‘Pool that has a body come with 2 different swords and does a good job of showing off each of the Deadpool’s uniqueness, even with  sharing similar parts.  The other set I’m focusing one is the “Age of X” set, an quartet of alternate world X-men, consisting of Magneto, Gambit, Legacy (aka Rogue) and Basilisk (aka Cyclops). Art Aslyum managed to pack a ton of detailing into these tiny sculpts, and it show, as each of these figures look great. Much like the Deadpool set, it’s $20, but is not a NYCC exclusive, so it’s not AS rare. We actually have a ton of various Minimates 2 and 4 packs in stock, so it’s worth swinging by and seeing what else we have in stock.

Given the title of the article, it’s probably about time I mention we have some Hunger Game figures in-stock. I know very little of the books/movies, aside from the fact that the fanbase gets quite upset when you make Twilight/Battle Royale jokes/comparisons. There are 3 different 7″ inch figures in stock and they’re a step down from the quality usually seen from the NECA video game figures line. I imagine the targeted audience would be slightly more excited about these than I am. Either way, there about $17 a pop and given how well some of NECA past movie figures have sold, you may want to pick them up now, as Hunger Game mania is high. Now if you excuse me, I’ll off to go die in a dark corner somewhere.

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The Weekly Pulse – Drive Your Enemies Before You

Lots to look at today! A couple more number sixes trickled out in the form of Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Frankenstein, and Suicide Squad. Plus more of everyone’s favorite enmouthed Merc and enlobstered Johnson! Most exciting of all, a new Conan book from Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood! Throw is some Dark Matter, Scarlet Spider, Memorial, The Strain, and Thief of Thieves, (editor’s note: currently sold out.  New stock shipping march 14th) and you have a busy week of comics reading!

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The first new releases of 2012

By Chris Troy

Well okay, the title’s kind of a lie. Most of the new stuffs we’ll be looking at came in towards the end of 2011, but you know, I was busy playing catch up with the best of list and attending MAGfest (which again, was awesome). However most of the awesome new arrivals are STILL in stock (for now!), so we might as well go over what those things are just in case you the reader are interested. Which hopefully, you will be.

On the left, you’ll see a picture of the Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom (from the Gundam Wing OVA “Endless Waltz”) from Bandai. I’m not exactly how new it is on the shelves of Japan, but we finally have it in at FPNYC, so that’s all that matters right? The Winger Zero Custom joins the Tallgeese 3 as the 2 Wing-related Robot Damashiis we have in, as well as the Gouf Custom and the Gundam Unicorn from the Universal Century line. All 3 of these figures are super articulated, come with a nice selection of variant parts and weapons, and are 2nd only to the Revoltech in overall mecha quality, which is impressive for a line that hasn’t been around as long. We’ve sold out of the One Piece/DBZ/MegaMan/Tiger and Bunny releases super fast, so if you want yourself a super articulated Gundam figure, you best come get them as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Marvel Universe: The Wolverine Buyer’s Guide

By Chris Troy

Happy post Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday (who says the holidays are commercialized) FPNYC Faithful! If you’re anything like me (which if so, I’m sorry to hear that), you probably spent most of your weekend in a food/football/shopping coma. If not, I’m extremely jealous of you, unless you were working.

So let’s talk toys shall we? I’m going to attempt to start a new feature for the blog, highlighting the evolution of certain popular characters throughout a particular line. The easiest would be Batman, but that would be a month’s work of articles (hmmm..). Instead we’ll go with something a littler easier, Marvel’s most popular mutant/Canadian: Wolverine!

Single Carded:

Surprisingly, the 1st Wolverine figure that came from the Marvel Universe line was not in his modern costume, but his X-Force costume (back when it was written by X-Men:Evolution creators Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, and was mostly all claw-based characters). It’s actually a really great figure, despite Wolverine never actually using a gun during that run of the book. Post-X-Force Wolverine’s release, Hasbro released several Wolverine figures in his classic yellow costume and brown one in the Wolverine: Origins line, as well as several figures based on Hugh Jackman’s version of the character. Since that took care of the iconic costumes, the Marvel Universe line saw the release of 3 other variant Wolverine costumes: his maskless yellow/blue jumpsuit from Jim Lee‘s run on Uncanny, his Weapon X Operative outfit (also designed in the 90s, which explains the pouches) and his classic first appearance costume from Incredible Hulk #181. I’m not particularly thrilled with ANY of these figures to be honest, but different strokes for different folks and all that. Continue reading

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Review: Marvel Universe Doctor Doom

By Loran

I’m really starting to think I need to put more “rhythm” into my comic character collecting…

I got Deadpool before any of the other X-Men, Ms. Marvel before Captain Marvel; I own Iron Patriot and no Captain America (which I need to fix), I don’t have a good Hulk figure, I own Black Widow and Namor for… some reason and I have more Iron Men than I really need. And of course, I continued this by getting Doctor Doom before anyone in the Fantastic Four! At least there’s a boxset to help fix that now. Besides, he’s Doctor Doom. Who needs reason to own him?

I always thought Doctor Doom was kind of cool, probably because I like Destro from G.I. Joe so much. He’s kind of like the prototype for Destro, even if was a bit cooler, at least in my opinion. This mold was previously used in one of the Secret Wars comic packs with Wasp and Absorbing Man, sporting a much more “animated” color scheme. Whether you like the animated look or the “realistic” look is really a matter of opinion, but either way, this one gives you the option of just getting Doom by himself. Continue reading

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Rise of the Green Lantern Merch part 2

By Chris Troy

52 is a pretty significant number to the DC Universe. Post-“Infinite Crisis” (by Geoff Johns and ton of talented artists), there were 52 different universes established. Then there was the follow up mini-series to IC titled “52“, which was a 52 weekly issue mini series, also written by Johns, as well as a ton of other awesome writers and a bunch of talented artists. They’ll be 52 number 1 comics when the DC relaunches this September. And to bring things full circle, last weekend’s “Green Lantern” film debuted at 52 million dollars, which sounds good, as it was the  #1 movie in America, until you realize that the budget and advertising probably cost Warner Bros. about $300 mil. Yikes. I think it’s fair to expect seeing a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie sooner than a GL follow up.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but will soon for the record. But it’s been described as “Toyetic” (amongst other things) which is good for both young children who were excited to see the film, and collectors who are now  getting a whole slew of GL Corp members in plastic that we never had before. Hell, there’s a Green Man figure in one of the toy lines. Green Man from Green Lantern, not Charlie Day in a Zentai Suit ( “It’s Always Sunny in Philly” fans know what I’m talking about [WILD CARD, bitches!- ed.]) Continue reading

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Marvel Universe Spring Releases!

By Chris Troy

Alright, so it’s been a while FPNYC faithful (Stupid Internets!), but now we’re back at 100% and willing to give you, the reader, the latest news on FPNYC’s toy and collectibles department! Since we’re all living in a post-Thor world (the movie rocked by the way, for all of you who haven’t seen it yet. Also shame on you for not seeing it), it’s only fair that this week we look at the latest releases from the ultra-popular Marvel Universe line. Back in stock are entries from the previous wave (Spider-Women, Spider-Man 2009, Modern Day Iron Man, and War World Hulk), as well as 5 new entries to the line, all straight from the X-Men side of comics. Two of these characters are new  in forms, so we’ll check those 2 out first before tackling the first time entries! Continue reading

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I shall call them….Minimates!

By Chris Troy

While I’ve been known to sing the praises of the Marvel Legends line here on the FPNYC blog, it’s worth noting that Diamond Comics/Art Asylum’s Marvel MiniMates line has been around just as long as their 6″ counterparts! The line debuted in the early 2000s, and unlike the Marvel Legends line, has never faded from toy shelves, even ending up with figure lines based on DC Comic charters, as well as a large variety of movies, cult TV shows, and a few other comic properties here and there. The figures are usually released in 2 or 4 packs, come with tiny figure-specific accessories and all sport about 8-10 points of articulation. They’re small, about the size of Lego characters (the lines inspiration) and the average 2-pack retails for about $10, while a 4-pack runs about $20. Today we’ll be looking at the latest line, based on last Summer’s Shadowland mini-event, as well as an Uncanny X-Force 4 pack.

To be honest, the Shadowland arc was pretty weak as a story, but who cares about that right? (Me that’s who. And yes, I’m excited for the Waid relaunch come July. It’s Mark Waid afterall!) The 38th(!) wave sees three 2-packs; Shadowland Daredevil with his on-again off-again lover, assassin Elektra, a Hand Ninja and White Tiger (Angela Del Toro) and Big Time Spider-Man with modern Iron Fist. The chase figure for this wave was the original White Tiger Hector Ayala, who met his tragic end during Brian Michael Bendis’ excellent run on Daredevil.   I ended up buying  the Big Time Spidey and Modern Iron Fist 2-pack, because they’re 2 of my favorite Marvel characters, and packaging them together is how you sell me on Minimate set! Continue reading

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You must read Uncanny X-Force HC Vol 1

This coming Wednesday Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force Volume 1 The Apocalypse Solution hits the shelves.  Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opena, so you know its got the Matt D approval.  You’ll see me pushing their Fear Agent, or Punisher regularly.

When the singles of this came out people were in here rabidly eating them up.  Gone by Thursday night the latest.  When asked for  back issues I would have to ask the person “Where have you been?.. . Man.”   Every one loves a new X-Book.  Not only does this have some of the most beautiful art I’ve seen in modern comics, this one is easily accesible by guys like me who have a hard time following X-Books. I’m not totally lost because I haven’t been reading all 17 different X-Titles coming out each month.

I like comics that only need one book on the shelf to get the point across, thats why I read stuff like Punisher and Fear Agent in the first place.  Gimme a comic with one guy up against everyone in a no win situation over one with a team beating on one dude any day.  But we can trust our buddy Rick to do a heck of a job writing a sick and twisted team book easy enough for new comers to enjoy yet involving current X-Universe stuff to keep hardcore fans pleased.   So thats the X-Scoop on this X-Trade that you can order from our X-Web Store, or buy in our X-Store on X-Wednesday.

Did I mention it has Deadpool in it.

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Deadpool Tattoo Tribute

I figured it’s time to start some reoccurring blog entries.   So how about a tattoo tribute search, and who better to start with than everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth… Deadpool!  So if you got an awesome Deadpool tattoo post it in the comments.  I myself am tattooless (still hoping to be buried in a Jewish cemetery) so unfortunately I can’t post any examples of my own, but here’s some some great Deadpool tattoos I found on the web.

Headpool from Deadpool Fan Links.

Deadpool Vs Wolverine from a Flickr Superhero tattoo group.

Deadpool Vs Wolverine (Again?) from Comic Vine.

Boobpool… look how the blade accentuates this guys muscle! Found on Deviant Art.

Here’s my personal favorite… Lip-pool! Also found on Deviant Art, check out this girls pictures while you’re at it.  She’s got a great one of her cosplaying (love that word) as Marvel Comic’s Domino!

So there you have it… my first tattoo tribute post, isn’t it fascinating what people will put on their bodies FOREVER!  So please post your Deadpool tattoos and stay tuned for more Tattoo Tributes!

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Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

HEY!  Comic Book day falls on my birthday this year!  Yup, your ole’ Unkiedev will be turning an undisclosed number somewhere between twenty something and some combination of 30 and a few more.  How to celebrate?  Why, A nice cup of cocoa, a warm badger to serve as my footstool and I’m all set to dig into this week’s sensational comic book offerings. AH!  Badger feet.

Marvel has a few goodies up their sleeve.  Did I say goodies?  I mean baddies! Astonishing X-Men #36 has Wolvie throw down with those big-footed Jack Kirby monsters from Monster Island!  Count me in!  Then we have a little something called Kick-Ass 2 #2, ‘nuff said. Amazing Spider-Man #655 has more movin’ and shakin’ than a bowl of jelly on acid!  Then in Avengers #10 the Hood has the Infinity Gauntlet.  This is bad…so bad, it’s good!

Continue reading

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New Comics To Take Your Money

By Unkiedev

Boom-shanka! I decided the cave I lived in needed a little refurbishing so I stole me a shovel and got to diggin’. Now I live in a swanky duplex cave with a top floor, a bottom floor and a set of stairs in between…well, by stairs I mean a tree trunk with rocks shoved through it.

I also discovered dinosaur bones in my basement! What a thrill! I can definitively solve the ancient mystery of “Did Dinosaurs have feathers?” The answer is YES they DID! They also made crude tools out of rocks and wore leather moccasins if my dinosaur burial ground has anything to say about it.

On to the comic books:

Tony Daniel is one bad mamma-jamma, tearing up both writing and art duties in this week’s Batman #706. Did you know that two of DC’s biggest girl stars are having milestone issues this week…and that they’re both the same person? YEP! Supergirl #60 has some new talents telling the story of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, while Power Girl #20 continues the adventures of the OLD Supergirl, Kara Zor-El from an alternate dimension which is really just the silver age Super Girl from Earth 2.

Oh DC, you are so wonderfully confusing.

Hmmm. I’m hearing the noises of Tom-Toms, which is odd as the newly renovated cave walls of my basement had many paintings of tom-toms, tee-pees and natives hunting buffalo. Kinda’ a weird thing to find in the grave of a dinosaur, wouldn’t you say? Continue reading

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