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By Unkiedev

“Spoilers” are like being buried up to your neck in sand, and having honey poured on your face to attract passing ants. I mean, most people don’t want it, but for a few folks “it’s their thing” and they’re welcome to it… just keep it off my web browser!

Still, there is a certain amount of fun in knowing things others don’t, but why do we need to have the actual intellectual properties we love ruined for that pleasure? NOT anymore, we don’t!


Introducing Unkiedev’s “SpoilerSpoilers.com!” We will NEVER spoil any of your favorite comic books, TV shows, video games and movies, but we WILL tell you WHO WILL and WHEN!


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The Politics of Comics: Comolitics

The Politics of Comics: ComoliticsThe comic book world is like America’s political system. For the most part we have a two party system, with DC/Marvel standing in for the bigger political parties. Luckily for us, strong third parties such as Image and Dark Horse carry more industry clout than the libertarians, Green Party or Bull-Moosers EVER did.

Let’s look at the comics shipping this week alone, shall we?


Marvel is giving everybody a humor bail out this week, as this week’s fantastic double dip of the Deadpool: the merc with a mouth will have you dying of laughter and stab wounds. First Wade Wilson joins the X-men in Deadpool #17, and then it’s time for Amazing Spider-Man #611, with Spidey & Deadpool sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G! Deadpool is everywhere. Who does that guy think he is, Wolverine? Continue reading

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Its that time again: Wednesday.

I’m really, really trying to not go into a “Shining” reference here, so please thank me for that.  Since our new online store has gone live (hint, hint its at the right or click here), we’re going to do a weekly feature of all the great stuff coming out this week in terms of comics.

Pixu cover

The couple of things that I’m looking forward to this week is “Pixu: The Mark of Evil“.  Handled by Indie darlings Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos, and “Casanova” and “Umbrella Academy” twin brother artists Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.

From DC Comics the obvious highlight of the week is “Wednesday Comics”.  The first issue of this newspaper-sized comic that will run every week for the next 12 weeks is just bound to be gorgeous.  With stories by “100 Bullets” team Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso doing Batman, and Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred doing a “Metamorpho” story.

Other highlights includes the first issue of  “Dark X-Men #1”, the second printing of “Chew #1” which people are throwing up their hands in expressing how awesome it is. I haven’t read it, but its important to try new things. Also is yet another Blackest Night prequel in “Green Lantern”.

However, what I am really pumped to check out is Jeff Lemire’s “The Nobody” which is an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic “The Invisible Man.” A number of people have expressed to me to check out his Indie classic “The Essex County”.

As always, for a complete listing of the new comics out today, head to our brandy new, fresh and user friendly online store at ForbiddenPlanetUSA.com.

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