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I Love Bad Movies Issue Number 5 hit the FP shelves late last night and they’re already selling like hotcakes… hotcakes filled with essays, reviews and illustrations about some of our favorite bad movies that is!

Amy Adams trying to be sexy! Jim Carrey dancing and Nicolas Cage eating a cockroach! Kirk Douglas fashion show! Nicole Kidman BMX-ing! And many more perplexing, entertaining moments from the strange outskirts of otherwise successful careers.

Ever wonder what Sharon Stone did with the Amish or what movie features Orson Welles in his final role? In this issue, writers, artists, comedians and film nerds investigate the most entertaining bad movies made by all the big stars — either before they were known, or after they should have stopped.

– A collaborative project featuring the work of 29 artists and writers
– 28 funny, insightful, celebratory and/or mocking essays
– More than 70 pages of written content
– Beautiful color glossy cover stock
– Interview with Alex Winter of Death Wish 3!
– Illustrations and weird film stills for each movie
– Theme: “Before and After They Were Famous” or, “Early and Late Roles”

COVER ART: Mat Pringle


ADDITIONAL ART: John McCoy, Chris Piascik, Mary Regan

WRITERS: David Archer, Claudia Eve Beauchesne, Matt Bird, Tom Blunt, Cristina Cacioppo, John Carman, Matt Carman, Max Cavanaugh, Eric Epstein, Kate Hutchinson, Eleanor Kagan, Elliott Kalan, M. Sweeney Lawless, Kevin Maher, Christine Makepeace, Laura Jayne Martin, Dan McCoy, John McCoy, Harry Merritt, Andrew Miller, Shove Mink, Eric Nelson, Mary Regan, Bob Satuloff, Justin Shatraw, Jay Stern, and Kseniya Yarosh.

FILMS DISCUSSED: Purple Rain, BMX Bandits, Once Bitten, Death Wish 3 (Alex Winter Interview), Tough Guys, The Transformers: The Movie, Making Mr. Right, Bad Taste, Summer School, Disorderlies, Teen Wolf Too, Vampire’s Kiss, Slaves of New York, Cool as Ice, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Freeway, Fear, Cruel Intentions 2, Whatever it Takes, Hercules in New York, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Stay Hungry, The Last Tycoon, Sextette, Bloodline, The Burning, Deadly Blessing, and Miss All-American Beauty.

For more info on these killer cult zines check www.ilovebadmovies.com

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Thursday Jan 26th VHS Trailer Show 3 @ 92Y Tribeca

This Thursday January 26th at 8PM the 92Y Tribeca Theater host their 3rd VHS Trailer Show!

Some of us refuse to let go of our VHS tapes.

One reason is that they have become a treasure trove of trailers for movies that time forgot. Being forced to scan past them each time you want to get to the feature, you end up developing an affection for these seemingly made-up movies. For the VHS Trailer Show, we present you with our favorite trailers, directly from VHS tapes. Armed with their favorites will be Cinebeasts, Matt Desiderio (Horror Boobs), Mark Freado (Junk Food Dinner), Sean Price Williams (DP for The Color Wheel), Cristina Cacioppo (92YTribeca’s film programmer), a special segment of “VHS Trailers That Should Have Been” from the Found Footage Festival and more.

We’ll also invite audience members to share their favorites, so if you’ve got a tape, cue it up!

Those f00ls good people over at the 92Y were dumb nice enough to let me join in on this wonderful event once again!  I thought my theme of nudity in trailers would have surely gotten my name crossed off of the future contributor list, even the extended Ilsa She Wolf of the SS trailer went over surprisingly well… or at least as good as it possibly could have.  So come on down and check out some insane trailers straight from VHS care of people like Mark Freado of Junk Food Dinner, The Found Footage Festival and me, Matt Desiderio, Forbidden Planet’s very own VHS expert.

VHS Trailer Show 3

Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2012, 8 pm

Venue: 92YTribeca SCREENING ROOM

Location: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street


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